Writing Quote Friday

Today’s quote is from Stephen King…

Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open.
I’ve noticed many problems this past week with comments on WordPress sites, from comments being eaten to having to log in with passwords to either your email, Facebook, or WordPress accounts.
Misty of the blog, Misty’s Laws: Beware! I have a Camera Phone…and I’m Not Afraid to Use it, explains it better than I ever could as to what’s happening (she’s been in direct communications with WordPress over this issue). Check out her site for the details, and some HILARIOUS pictures.

Writing to the Weather

I have nothing to blog about today.

But I wonder how everyone else’s writing is going? Good now that spring is almost here? Or, is the sun peeking through the clouds only making you want to abandon the computer for some outside time?

How does weather and the time of year affect your writing time?


My brother-in-law is a professional chef. He lived with the hubby and I for a few months, and during this time he would make the most amazing meals for us like flank steak with roasted fresh veggies, and crispy french bread loaded with butter and the perfect amount of seasonings.

Yep, he was great to have around :).

But, he also made something that the hubby would refer to as “Goop”. That’s a fancy term for putting all the leftovers in the fridge in one pot, adding a can of cream of something soup, and season to taste.

Sounds horrible, but more often than not it tasted great, and was a way to not let leftovers go to waste.


Today’s post is going to be a bit of “Goop”. This is because I am not a morning person, and the time changeover really hits me hard every year. And by that I mean I’m super grumpy until my inner clock adjusts.

So, here’s a bunch of cool links for you to enjoy!

Click HERE to see all the things Ryan Gosling would say if he worked in publishing.

Below is a hilarious video of things writers say.

And here’s another video, this time it’s things non-writers say…

Finally, CLICK HERE to learn how many times The Help was rejected, and rewritten, and rejected again, and again, and so many more times, before it finally became a best-seller. This is a fantastic article about determination, and not giving up on your dreams.



Using Ebay for Research

Unlike this guy,

Bonus Points if you know this movie!

 we can’t go back in time.

But, thanks to Ebay, we can buy a piece of history and then have it delivered right to our front door.

I’ve found Ebay to be a valuable research tool. In recent weeks I’ve sought out pictures using the search terms, “Handwritten letters, handwritten journals/diary, vintage diary,” and all sorts of other terms because ebay is nice enough to suggest related search terms for you.

Try it. You might be surprised at the time you’ll waste looking at the cost of your toys you had while growing up how much you’ll learn about the past.

Do you have any unusual research methods? And, even more importantly, PLEASE tell me you know the name of the movie in the above picture?

*FYI: I watched this movie LOTS of times growing up. My favorite part was watching the fashions change via the mannequin.

Writing Quote Friday

Today’s writing quote comes from E. B. White…

English usage is sometimes more than mere taste, judgment and education – sometimes it’s sheer luck, like getting across the street.
Also, you still have a chance to win a copy of Haley Whitehall’s debut novel, Living Half Free. Check out the end of Tuesday, February 28th’s post for details.