Another Book for Krysten Lindsay Hager!

I featured Krysten’s Path to Publication story back in July of 2014. It’s an inspiring story about overcoming obstacles, and you should CLICK HERE to read it.

She’s been busy, and now has another book to show off to the world! Congratulations!!!

Krysten Lindsay Hager

Best Friends…Forever? (Landry’s True Colors Series) by Krysten Lindsay Hager

BestFriendsForever453x680Good friends have your back, but some go behind it.

Landry Albright hopes the new year will start off in an amazing way—instead she has to deal with more frenemy issues, boy drama, and having most of her best friends make the cheerleading squad without her. Suddenly, it seems like all anyone can talk about is starting high school next year—something she finds terrifying.

Landry gets her first boyfriend, but then gets dumped just as things come to a head with her friends. She feels lost and left out, but finds good advice about dealing with frenemies from what she considers an unlikely source. Landry faces having to speak up for what’s right, tell the truth (even when it hurts), and how to get past the fear of failure as she gets another shot at competing in the American Ingénue modeling competition.


I got ready for bed and then stopped to check my social media page one more time and that’s when I saw it — another picture of Peyton, India, and Devon hanging out. They were sitting on the couch with their heads scrunched close together and laughing. It was a cute picture, but then I saw the caption: So glad we could all be together for the holidays. Love these guys soooo much! Best friends forever. #Alltogether #Threemusketeers #BestFriendsForever #ThreeBestFriends #ThreesCompany.

My heart sank. It was India’s caption and anyone who read it would think what a close‑knit group of friends and not realize anyone was missing from that photo. Sure, I was in another state, so naturally I couldn’t be there for it, but the way India wrote that made me feel so left out. I mean, what did she mean by the “ʺThree’s Company”ʺ hashtag? And sometimes people tagged friends who weren’t there in pictures and added, “ʺWish you were here,”ʺ but there was no mention of a fourth member of the group.

“Ready for bed, hon?” Mom asked coming into my room.

“Yeah, just signing off.”

“Okay, sleep well.”

I got into bed and hoped I was reading into things, but the knot in my stomach wouldn’t go away.


Book Trailer:

Author bio: Krysten Lindsay Hager is the author of the Landry’s True Colors Series, a clean reads young adult series. Krysten writes about  friendship, self-esteem, fitting in, middle school and high school, frenemies, modeling, crushes, values, and self-image in both True Colors and Best Friends…Forever?

Krysten is an Amazon international bestselling author and book addict who has never met a bookstore she didn’t like. She’s worked as a journalist and writes middle grade, YA, humor essays, and adult fiction. She is originally from Michigan and has lived in Portugal, South Dakota, and currently resides in Southern Ohio where you can find her reading and writing when she’s not catching up on her favorite shows. She received her master’s degree from the University of Michigan-Flint.

What people are saying about True Colors (Landry’s True Colors Series Book One):

From Teenage Book Recommendations in the UK: “This is a fantastically relatable and real book which I feel captures all of the insecurities and troubles which haunt the modern teenage girl. It is about a young model who has to go through tough times when she is torn between a life as a model and managing her friendships. You learn which friends she can most trust and which will create the drama typical of teenage life. Follow the life of Landry and try to see if you can find out which are her true friends before their true colours are revealed. This book is all about relationships, hopes and truth. I loved this book!”

From Books & Authors Spot: “This book is such an inspiration for those who just care about their looks and are tensed about them. This thing is looks aren’t everything. This book is related to every teen’s problem. Hager has written a very inspiring novel.”

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Spring Break at the Corbett House

This week is spring break for my twins, which means I’m not getting a lot of writing done. And by “a lot” I really mean, “any”.

As many of you know, I have nine-year-old twins, and they are very good at coming up with stuff to do to keep themselves occupied. We don’t allow a lot of screen time in our house, so they’ve learned long ago to invent games and things to do. However, while I do appreciate their imaginative play, sometimes it gets a bit rowdy at the Corbett house, which doesn’t blend well with my “zone out completely” writing style.

Here’s a small sampling of what I said to them within the first three hours of spring break…

Me to Girl Twin: “Why is your mattress on the kitchen table?”

Me to Boy Twin: “Why are you wheeling the kitchen island down the hallway?”

Me to Boy Twin: “No, you can’t play basketball in your new suit jacket. That’s for special events.” (He has an over the door hoop)

Me to both: “No, you can’t prop one end of your mattress on the counter and use it as a slide.”


How’s your week going? Any exciting events happening for you?


anti hero

In my first book, Along the Way Home, my antagonist was the Oregon Trail. It was weird, writing something that wasn’t human to be “the bad guy”, but it was also a fun challenge.

In my next book, Tainted Dreams, I do have a human “bad guy” who plays the antagonist, bent on stopping my two lead characters from realizing their goals. And I admit, he was oh so much fun to write!

The meme above features one of my all time favorite antagonists, Boyd Crowder, star of the FX series, Justified.

Who’s favorite antagonist? 

Update on my next book, Tainted Dreams


I’m out of the editing cave after fixing an embarrassing amount of errors during my first round of edits. It seems punctuation and past/present tense is a struggle for me. Also, I’m pathetic when it comes to using lay/lie/laid/lain correctly :)

editor cat

Now, I’m awaiting my next round of edits, and even more exciting, my book’s cover!

And I’m hard at work on the first draft of my next book. This newbie author learned a valuable lesson about the importance of writing something new during the editing and promotion process of an already-contracted book.

So how about you? How are you doing?