Celebrating the Release Day for my second novel, Tainted Dreams

Today is a huge day in my writing career…I’m celebrating the release of my second novel, Tainted Dreams!

This event didn’t come easy, and I’ve suffered a ton of setbacks on the way, which I discuss in great detail in this interview with Jessica Morrell.

CLICK HERE to see me share everything about getting published: the good, the bad, the frustrating, how my ineptness led to bouts of failure, how my determination led to success, and finally, how both my husband and Timothy Olyphant influenced my writing of Jake, the male lead character.

Above all, thank you to all my family and friends for your support!!!!!

How to Effectively use Book Trailers to Promote your Books

Hello everyone! Today I’m pleased to introduce Opal Campbell, the creator of a long list of book trailers and cover teasers, many of which have been featured on the USA Today website. And, she created the book cover reveal trailer for Tainted Dreams!

Without further ado, here’s Opal…


Book trailers have been growing in popularity for years. A new medium to reach readers and spark interest in books. They range from simple to cinematic and can pack a punch.

The most common question I get asked (besides how much I charge) is Do book trailers sell books? Let me start by saying this isn’t an easy question to answer but I will do my best. The short response is no. A book trailer is NOT going to sell thousands of books FOR you. A trailer is simply another tool in the arsenal that is your promotion. Trailers can be Pinned, Tumbled, Stumbled, Tweeted, TSU’d, Vined, Reddit’d, blogged, Google +’d and of course YouTubed.  You can (and should) add them to your Amazon author page, to your GoodReads page, to your blog and your Facebook page.

You should ALSO take full advantage of your trailer when you are planning a blog hop.  When you set up a blog tour you should offer a variety of options for your hosts to pick from. Guest blogs, Interviews, Reviews, Spotlights, cover spotlights AND trailer spotlights J Mix it up to keep is fresh!

Going to a signing? Load that puppy onto your tablet! Buy a cheap little plate stand to hold your tablet and display your beauty at your signing.

I keep a running list on my FaceBook page of places to promote trailers and blogs that offer spotlights and or contests for trailers. Promotional opportunities are growing for trailers (WOOPIE!!!!!) Just look at RT……They offered a close circuit channel in the convention hotel this year JUST for book trailers! AWESOME!

The sky is the limit when it comes to the options for video in the publishing world. And remember, you do NOT have to spend a fortune to have a quality trailer. Whether you make it yourself or hire a pro, there are options out there for EVERY budget.

*WARNING* if you plan to make your own trailer please do so responsibly. Make sure you are getting your art and music from LEGAL sources and NOT just using images you pulled from the net. Piracy is piracy no matter how you slice it.





Does anyone have any questions for Opal? Leave them as a comment below, and she’ll reply.

Time for Reading!

I’ve been so busy the past two weeks getting the final details of my next book, Tainted Dreams, handled that I’ve sadly had to abandon one of my favorite pastimes…reading!

Now that everything is all set for publication, I plan on spending a few hours a day holding down the couch and making a hefty dent in the books I’ve recently smuggled into the house (our bookshelves are already sagging in the middle and my husband doesn’t understand my word addiction) and onto my Kindle.


What about you? What’s on your To Be Read pile?

Path to Publication: Wendy May Andrews

Today’s Path to Publication story is fellow Clean Reads* author Wendy May Andrews

*(Astraea Press changed their name to Clean Reads)

Without further ado, here’s Wendy…


Wendy May AndrewsThank you for the invitation, Christi, to tell my story.

I have been an avid reader since I learned how around the age of four. My aunt got me hooked on Regencies when she introduced me to the books of Georgette Heyer. I was reading multiple books each week like most avid readers. It’s really an addiction. While I had written during school, it never really crossed my mind that I would be capable of producing such a thing as a finished book.

After I got married, my husband had a hard time understanding my book addiction. I could get lost in a book and he would feel quite ignored. Finally, one day, in frustration, he asked, “Why don’t you write one of those books instead of reading them all the time.” At first I scoffed at the idea, but then it took root and I decided to give it a try.

I wrote to a favorite author, Eloisa James, asking how one goes about becoming an author. In hindsight I realize that was a silly question as each person’s path is different, but she graciously wrote me back with some suggestions, including the advice to join Romance Writers of America. I did and have been learning ever since. RWA is a wonderful organization that offers classes and articles to help you grow as a writer.

My first efforts, Tempting the Earl, actually got published in 2010 but that small press was bought out and my momentum was lost. I wrote several manuscripts in the meantime but struggled with finding a publisher willing to publish my clean/sweet romances. I will admit that the sting of rejection interrupted my writing several times.

Finally, I gave myself one more year to work on it. My writing was taking up too much time if it was only going to be a hobby. I started writing a new manuscript for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) November 2013. I started with a fantastic title idea and proceeded to write the book. Ironically, as the book developed that title no longer fit and The Duke Conspiracy was born. When it finally was finished, my critique partner helped me find a list of publishers who were accepting Sweet Historicals. That is when I learned about Clean Reads (formerly Astraea Press). The acquiring editor, Stephanie Taylor, had one revision suggestion and then she offered me a contract. It has been a thrilling ride ever since.

Now that I have found Clean Reads, I’m hoping to polish up my unpublished manuscripts and submit them as well as finish this year’s NaNoWriMo manuscript and finally write the story for my fabulous title. Really, there are way more ideas than there is time.


TheDukeConspiracy453x680A spying debutante, a duke, and a conspiracy. Can love be found despite their feud?

Miss Rosamund Smythe, the only daughter of a baron diplomat, is finding the Season to be a dead bore.  After her stint at spying while in Vienna with her father, she wants a higher purpose in life than “just” being a wife.

His Grace, Alexander Milton, the Duke of Wrentham, wants a quiet life with a “proper” lady as his wife after the tumultuous childhood he had.  His parents had fought viciously, lied often, and Alex secretly wonders if he was even his father’s son.

Rose and Alex grew up on neighboring estates and have been best friends since she was four years old but a family feud has torn their friendship apart.

At a Society event Rose overhears a plot to entrap Alex into a marriage of convenience.  Her loyalty to their old friendship as well as her knowledge of the conspirator, Sir Jason Broderick, causes Rose to overcome her aversion to Wrentham in order to warn him of his danger.  Alex’s complicated childhood has caused him to despise all forms of deception so Rose avoids telling him how she knows so much about Sir Broderick.

When Rose is abducted by Sir Broderick to prevent her interference, Alex must deal with his own conflicted feelings to help her rescue herself. Can they claim their happily ever after despite the turmoil?

About the Author:

Wendy May Andrews has been reading whatever she could get her hands on since the age of five. She has been writing for almost as long but hasn’t been sharing those stories with anyone but her mother until recently. Wendy lives in Toronto with her own real-life hero. When not writing or reading, they love to travel wherever the mood takes them.



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