Where did the past four years go?


Today’s the day.

It’s finally here.

I am stalling even now because I can’t bear to actually type the words yet.

Ok, I can do it. I am strong.

Nope, when it comes to this I can already assure you that I’m not strong and I will cry.

I have four year old twins, and registration for school is today.  Yes, yes, I know it’s actually only preschool, but to me it is still going to be a difficult time. I stayed home with them the entire time; no daycare.

Cue the waterworks…I’m pathetic.

Gone are the carefree days of wearing whatever they wanted (which ranged from pajamas to swimsuits the entire day–we’ve never been much for getting dressed up to stay home) and now begin all the new worries that come with school.

Everyone is saying “Oh, you’ll be so glad to have a few hours to yourself each day” and “It will be nice to get a break”. I, on the other hand, am thinking, “When did the past four and a half years slide right by?”

Now, we’ll be starting a new phase of their lives together. School, new friends, birthday parties, and all the other fun, and not so fun, things that come with school.

And yes, I’ll finally get a few hours to myself. That won’t be so bad 🙂


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