The “Fun” Part vs. the “Business” Part

I belong to a writing critique group and during our last meeting one of the members said something that got me thinking.

“Christi, it seems now all you’re doing is writing synopsis’, proposals, rewriting chapter after chapter and so on. It doesn’t seem that you get to have fun with your writing anymore.”

He’s right. It is hard work doing all the things needed to get published. A synopsis was hard, the book proposal took days, and the chapter outlines, though finished, are still woefully inadequate and will need some major revisions.

But, that’s what it takes to see your book on the bookshelves. Writing a book is a business, and one I am happy to participate in.

I recently decided to relax for a bit, to take a break from writing since I’ve been working so hard lately.

Which I did…for a total of three nights (I write at night). By the way, during this time “Relaxing and taking a break from writing” to me meant…

*Doing a complete outline of my thoughts for my next round of revisions to Along the Way Home.

*Writing my bio. 

*Taking my photo for above webpage. 

*Read one book, halfway through another. (I read insanely fast)

*Read book jackets and first paragraphs of 10 books on my personal bookshelf. This in turn lead to me reading the first page of my book and figuring out ways to make it better.

But, during all my “relaxing” over the past few days, book two in the series (the sequel to Along the Way Home) continued to wait, patiently beckoning, knowing I can’t resist. The fourth night found me thumbing through the pages longingly and soon I am reading the pages, filling the margins with notes and ideas.

It is during this moment when I realize, to an extent, my writing critique partner was right. This is the part that I love the most. As I flip through page after page of my “already written but needing a revision sequel”, ideas come forth and make their way to the paper with no worries of storyline, word choice, grammar–all the things that slow the flow of ideas.

But, I’m still looking forward to seeing my book(S) on the shelves and the “business” part of it is how I will get there, so I’m game!


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