Preschool and Letting Go

I thought I’d take a break from my typical blogs about writing and and tell all my readers about what else is happening in my life.

My four year old twins are in preschool!


Three days before the big day we picked out their “first day” clothes and displayed them prominently in their room.  We’d been to the actual classroom three times so it wouldn’t be so scary. I checked out a book about school and what to expect from the library and read it multiple times. We’d rehearsed where Mommy would be while they were in school, how long it would take, practiced the Pledge, practiced taking attendance, practiced raising hands to ask questions.  WE WERE READY. 

The Big Day

All went well until it came time to get dressed in the carefully selected “First Day Clothes”. My daughter’s feet must have grown overnight because none of her dress shoes fit  (replaced with sandals at the last minute) The snap on my son’s jeans broke as he put them on (had a pair of cargo pants ready to go). But, all in all we were dressed , loaded into car seats, and arrived on time–only to find out they were about the only kids without backpacks. “Don’t worry, we’ll bring yours tomorrow” I promised two sets of questioning eyes.

Walked them inside, bent for a series of hugs and kisses, and it was finally time.  I had to leave my babies and walk out the door. Oh, how I didn’t want to let go of their small little hands! Wow was it hard to make my feet turn my body around and head for the door! Fortunately, my dear husband, my rock, my supporter through everything, took the time to helpfully guide (push) me toward the door 🙂

It is important to note here that I MADE IT OUT THE DOOR THE FIRST DAY WITHOUT MY BABIES SEEING MY TEARS. I knew I was going to cry. I knew it. (In fact, I’m crying right now as I write these words) But I held back until I was out the door and then dissolved into a blubbering pathetic mess.  My dear husband held my hand, wiped my tears, and when we returned home he ultimately laughed at me as I paced the house counting the minutes until I could return to the parking lot and pick them up again.

Oh the worries! Would they make friends? Would they be able to sit together? Would the teacher remember my daughter’s allergy to Red Dye #40? Would the other kids notice my son’s inabiltiy to say the letter “L” due to his tied tongue and laugh at him?

We left the house early and joined the multitudes of parents crowded around the school door hoping for a glimpse of their child. And…of course they were fine.

The second day went even better, and today is the third day. My babies carry their empty backpacks to and from school and are champions of all things preschool.

Mommy’s doing better too.

This entry I dedicate to all the moms out there had to leave chubby hands, smiling faces, and their entire world at their child’s school.


5 thoughts on “Preschool and Letting Go

  1. God bless you a mother of twins. It is hard enough letting go of one, never mind two but take comfort in knowing it is much easier with a twin beside you. Being a twin myself, I feel adjustment to new situations was not as nearly as hard for me, because I always had my twin nearby. (but when I was in school, they never separated twins into two different classrooms).

    And remember too – we raise our children to have roots but also to have wings. There is much satisfaction when your child comes to the age when you see that you have successfully achieved your mission of having them be self-reliant, well adjusted individuals.

    • Thank you for your wonderful words. We are on day four now, and it’s wonderful! They’ve made friends and are doing really well.
      I wonder…how did you find my blog?

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