If Anyone Needs Me…I’m Writing

This is it!

The big moment is here!

I’ve done all the character analysis worksheets out there, I’ve plotted and posted my goals for my characters throughout the book, I’ve made a “Revision Action Plan” for the upcoming changes so I’m doing something everyday, I’ve posted “General Revising Tips” at eye level, I’ve read over fifteen Writer’s Digests and memorized all the pertinent info for my upcoming revisions, and I’ve made notes the margins of my manuscript. I’ve got a stack of notecards and multiple highlighters nearby for new changes I discover during revising.

Now, I’ve just got to get out of my own way and start the creative process flowing again! (I could seriously make flow charts, graphs, and guidelines all day long, but writing is writing and I ain’t doing that…and I need to get going).

Looking forward to a creative and fun-filled weekend!


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