Rewrites: A Love/Loathe Relationship

I am right smack dab in the middle of a huge overhaul of my novel. And while I really LOVE what’s coming out of all this hard work, I really LOATHE  the incredible amount of time it is taking.

I am spending hours holed up in a dark room, staring at a monitor, debating over word choice and how it reflects the deep inner issues of the character.

BUT, my novel is SO MUCH BETTER with this round of rewrites. Everyone who had read my previous drafts is noticing improvements, and I think  this round might be the one!

Anyone suffering through the same issue? Comment and I’ll respond back so we can discuss and commiserate our rewriting woes.


2 thoughts on “Rewrites: A Love/Loathe Relationship

  1. Eileen,
    Good to hear from you again!

    I’ve finished my novel already, but I was the same way when I was writing it. I just “went with the flow” and had fun during the first few drafts. I wrote whatever and however I wanted to and oftentimes came up with some really great stuff.

    Now, I’m just tying up some loose storylines and weird word choices, and developing the characters further.

    I thought I would inspire myself to work quicker by putting up the “Rewriting Progress Meter” on my blog, but all it’s doing is making me more stressed that I’m not further along 🙂 We’ll see if it stays.

    Thanks again for checking out my site. I’ve got yours bookmarked now and visit daily.

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