I have a confession to make.

Though I try, I simply cannot throw words away.

Nope. Can’t do it.

I have draft after draft all saved on Bessie (my incredibly old but still limping along computer). I have “Alternates to X Draft” filled with beautiful prose, but not so good it made the final cut.

When I’m troubled by a particular passage/sentence/paragraph I save every version, then torture myself by revisiting it later, polishing it up, then changing my final draft to whatever I’ve just whipped up.

No wonder my rewrites are taking forever!


2 thoughts on “Hoarding

  1. “(my incredibly old but still limping along computer)”

    I winced when I saw this. I really, really hope you are backing up on flash drives or external hard drives constantly because if you computer is “limping” along you might find it suddenly decides to lie down and die one day. And given how you feel about keeping all your drafts the possibility they might not be there one day worries me.

    • Oh yes! I don’t trust Bessie (my computer) at all (sorry Bessie, don’t take offense and crash again! I love you I promise!). At the end of every writing session I print out my draft, and also send it to an external storage drive.

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