Because I’m coming up on a milestone for posts (ok, it’s just 40, but seriously…how cool is that?)

Because I’m chugging right along on my rewrites, and at the same time coming up with the production side of my book trailer I plan to start producing in about a month (yep, I used to make commercials for a living. My favorite story is when a salesperson told us the golf course wasn’t even built yet, but could we make a commercial to run in three days? By the way…we rocked it)

And, because it’s my blog so I can if I want to…I’m going to “rerun” a previous post.

PS. Castle is on tonight. Don’t forget.


I recently entered, and won, a guest hosting contest over at “Pimp My Novel”. (

The post I “reran” here is the one that will be featured on December 23rd, so I am removing it.


3 thoughts on “Because…

  1. When I went to your blog, you looked so familiar…and then I realized you’re represented by Kimberly also. She IS wonderful…I will enjoy following you as well. Your description of your writing space/time resonnated! My husband and canine kids are calling now. Will add you to my blogroll! Victoria

  2. Victoria,
    Glad you stopped by!

    I really do like Kimberly. Her ideas and input on my manuscript have already made such a difference.

    I will add you to my “Fellow Authors” page.

    Thanks again,

  3. Of course, my daily ration of Inspiration Juice always hits me when I’m driving, and in a hurry. Or in the shower. My notebook has watermarks, literally. I’m thinking about putting up a dry erase board in there.

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