Let em Loose!

Today, I’m going to use the comment section to open a discussion on whatever is on your mind.

From the topic of your current writing project to what type of dog I should get next–anything is fair game.Β  (Although, my husband and I call small dogs “cats that can bark”, so let’s only talk about large breeds πŸ™‚ )

I’ve disabled the comment moderation feature so go crazy (within reason of course…no bad words, please). I’ll be popping in throughout the day to give my two cents and see what is going on.

Also, be sure to check in tomorrow for Cool Author Quote Friday!


9 thoughts on “Let em Loose!

  1. Oh, c’mon, you have to at least consider getting a Pug. Honestly, they are not like other small dogs, they are much more like big dogs. Plus they are easy to care for, loyal, funny and sweet. I can’t wait to finish up some traveling so I can get a new one.

  2. Today I am thinking of “time” and how most of us think it is our worst enemy. Never have enough of it to do what we want or need to do, keep running out of it just when we think we are so close to reaching our final goal.

    People scoff at some genres believing for instance that writing romance is sooooooo easy you can fit it in between soccer practice and the third wash into the dryer.

    I will use a romance writer as an example, not becuase it is my genre, but because I believe what this writer does has nothing to do with her genre, it has to do with her incredible committment and discipline.

    I’d like others to weigh in … agree or not … when we put ourselves to a task … we can “make” time from thin air. Funny that’s where time comes from.

    The writer I am thinking of is Nora Roberts, and if you counted the number of books she wrote in her very “early” days, before Silouhette was sold to Harlequin, and before she went to Putnam, you will see that some years she wrote six to eight books.

    She writes three to four books every year now. Two of her romance genre under the name of Nora Roberts and two under the name of J.D. Robb and her “Death” serires; romance/mystery.

    Actually, even in the very beginning she always combined mystery, fantasy, paranormal, science fiction and amazing combinations of genres with her romance.

    In those early, hungry years she was the single parent of two small boys. Reading her daily writing schedule posted on her web site, can give anyone pause, but forgetting about duplicating what anyone else does, I do believe that we can block out the time we need with a few guidelines.

    There are writers who get up at three in the morning to write before their kids get up.

    Some have an iron clad agreement with the hubby that certain evening hours, barring the house burning down were exclusively for them to write and dad took over with the kids.

    How much more could we all accomplish if we made a committment to write “X” number of hours every day, or as some do … write “X” number of words a day?

    I’ll look forward to hearing from others.

  3. Ramblings,

    I think having a reliable and understanding support system in place to monitor what needs to happen while you write is essential.

    For example, I have young children and I am in desperate need of some writing time (the holidays and losing our dog has put up a stall, and I need to get going again)

    I already have secured the next two days straight as my time to write. And, in your words “barring the house burning down” I will get it (although, probably with many interruptions, but hey…nothing is exactly how you want it)

    It sounds like your hubby is just as fantastic!


  4. If by large breeds you mean LARGE, I love deer hounds. If you’ve got the room to let them run, they’re amazing. They’re as happy romping in fields as they are lounging by the fireplace. And they’re quite and docile around children. I also adore mastiffs, wolf hounds and great danes. All of which are good family dogs.

    For smaller large dogs, I’d pick labs (ones with smart bloodlines and guaranteed hips) and german shepards. I love rottweilers too and my boss has two, and raises them and they’re great with her kids (4 and 5 years old). I could talk dogs forever.

    Happy New Years! πŸ˜€

  5. I guess I need to clarify, I mean large like 75ish pounds.

    We are considering labs and german shepards, but are currently looking at the Border Collie breed. Cooper, (our last dog that passed away the day after Christmas) was a border collie/australian shepard mix and we really liked the “smarts” he got from the Border Collie side.

    Happy New Years everyone!

  6. Rhodesian Ridgeback. We’ve got one, and he’s the most amazing, smart, dopey, energetic, nosey, stubborn, clumsy, pert, happy, loyal, intimidating (in the dark), sleepy, hungry, mamma’s boy, sneaky, crazy, funny, gentle, playful, serious, cunning, rambunctious, cuddly (wife’s adjective, not mine), independent (sometimes), suspicious, neurotic, friendly, sensitive, curious, and just plain ‘ol lovable dogs I’ve ever known.

    They make very playful and interactive puppies. Extremely intelligent breed, and very easy to train (you’ve still gotta be pretty patient though). My highest recommendation.

  7. I would highly recommend the breed I have: Beau is a 17 lb. black miniature poodle. To suggest that he is a “SMALL” dog would be the depth of insult because he knows in his heart that he can take that rottweiler next door (this would be why we put up a fence).

    He is incredibly smart, loyal, wilful, and deeply entertaining. Also, poodles do not shed. This is a major plus for us bc I have allergies and I have long dark hair and shed enough for any household. πŸ˜›

    By incredibly smart, I have to share a story.

    Last July, Michael and I had only been married a month. Michael is the ONLY man my dog adores (he was badly mistreated as a pup). While cleaning the weed eater, Michael lost his wedding ring. We hunted and searched for days. We sifted through grass clippings to no avail.

    I took Beau for a walk around the yard four days later. He stopped and nosed around in a hollow grassy area in the yard. It was hot, I was impatient and tugged at the leash. He persisted and I bent down to see that he had pushed aside a mound of grass clippings and was licking my husband’s $500 ring! Every time Michael buys a chew toy or bag of dog treats he says he only owes Beau about another $400.

    πŸ™‚ Wishing you happiness and puppy kisses

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