Super Exciting News!

Well, in retrospect, not exciting like “Hey, I finally finished my rewrites!” or “Hey, I finally found a publisher!”


My dear hubby has agreed to do a guest post!

Yes my friends, the dear hubby made famous during my guest post over at Pimp My Novel.

I have no idea what he’s planning, but it should be good. After all, my main character (the gruff, yet soft-hearted trail guide Jake) is loosely based upon him.

We’ll try for sometime next week.

In other news, I’m still churning out the revisions and turning “Wow that you ever wrote that and thought it sounded right,” into “Oh, my heart could just break at the sheer wisdom and beauty you are placing on these pages.”


2 thoughts on “Super Exciting News!

  1. Gotta love rewriting, when the prose of the original draft hovers between the sublime and the ridiculous! Though I’m positive it is all the eye of the beholder. Nobody else is as hard on our work as we are.

    • My favorite part about writing is the wonderful first draft.

      The “Oh, yeah I’ll fix it later but for now let me move ahead to what will be about three chapters later and start writing on that because let’s face it…it’s way more exciting than the drivel I’m putting on right here.” part.

      The “Character Development–Smaracter Development” part.

      The “Who cares if the plot makes sense, let’s just see where this takes me!” part.

      Now that I’m firmly mired in the “Every single word has to be PERFECT or a publisher will throw it right out the window with a utterly cruel laugh!” stage, I find myself missing those days 🙂

      Hmmm, I like this reply so much I can see a blog post in its future…

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