This weekend was amazing!

SATURDAY  My dear hubby took the family (new puppy included) for an all day visit to the grandparents house. I became one with my computer chair* and pulled off 5500 words.

*Well, to be fair I did stop to watch a movie–but hey, at least I cleaned up the house during the commercials AND at least it was a movie about writing a novel. It was called Alex and Emma, starring Luke Wilson and Goldie Hawn’s daughter (can’t quite remember her name–Kate Hudson I think?).*

SUNDAY.  I immediately noticed a difference in my word count an hour into working. On Saturday, I’d polished over 2000 words by 10:00am. Sunday, I was at maybe 150 by the same time due to a bunch of silly interuptions. Grrrr.

This is the moment I finally figured out that since my four-year olds (and dear hubby) can read, why don’t I post a note on the door?

So I did, and it worked. For any of you wondering exactly what brilliant words I strung together, I have included my words of wisdom below.








So, the sign (and the threat of “You’re in big trouble if you open the door”) stayed in place all day and I managed to pull off another 3000 words. 

Of course, this entire weekend’s success is partially due to my dear hubby, who held down the fort while I was working.

I may make my deadline yet! 

PS.  Happy Monday–Castle is on tonight!


7 thoughts on “MOMMY IS WORKING…

  1. That’s awesome, it’s funny how something as innocuous as a word count can become so daunting at times.

    So, what kind of puppy did you guys finally decide on?

    Happy Monday, keep on truckin’…

  2. A Border Collie. We adopted him from a Border Collie rescue shelter that operates in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll do a post on him soon, complete with pictures 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the great word counts (and the new puppy). A thoughtful husband is a blessing and it sounds like the rest of the family, with a little threatening, were pretty considerate, too. 🙂

    • Meghan, Carol, and Charlotte,

      All my work was thanks to my dear hubby…who has promised to guest host this blog for tomorrow.
      Should be interesting since I have no idea what’s he’s written (or if anything) so far.

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