Guest Host: “Dear Hubby”

So, I mentioned earlier that my wonderful husband agreed to a Guest Host, and it just so happens to be the 50th post of this blog!!!

But, even though he’s the most supportive husband in the entire world, please keep in mind when he sent it to me, he put “Blog Crap” as the subject of the email 🙂

Without further ado, here is the Dear Hubby’s take on some things…

As the Hubby of an Author,

1.) I think I still have a wife; I used to talk to her after the kids went to bed.

2.) I used to have some time to myself on the weekends.

3.) I used to talk about other things with her besides “how many words I did today”.

4.) I used to think, “Aw that’s cute honey, you’re writing a book”.

5.) I used to see her away from the computer.

6.) I used to NOT have to help her make her main guy character sound too wimpy.

7.) I used to not brag to my friends that my wife is writing a book (okay, that is cool).

8.) I used to think she won’t really take this somewhere. (Silly me)

9.) I used to have to watch other channels on TV besides NFL Network. (Go Vikings!)

10.) I used to think I worked hard at my job.

 My dream is when her dreams come true!

 The Hubby


11 thoughts on “Guest Host: “Dear Hubby”

  1. You are a very sweet hubby to agree to post on your darling wife’s site. Behind every man is a great woman, never forget that.
    As a lifelong friend of Christi’s; it is so rewarding to see her accomplishments. Family, friendships and her zest for life. As you know so well, she is stubborn and will not accept defeat. Christi has always set her sights on success and will be successful in all of her pursuits. Challenges (family, dog, twins, husband working long hours, and deadlines) have and will continue to shape her writing abilities.

    How many people would take on the task of writing a novel while being a stay at home Mom of precocious twins? I can’t think of anyone else, either!!!

    Way to go for being a great husband and allowing me to banter with Christi about your shortcomings and when you do something that is admirable! Next to Rob, you are tops!

  2. Very sweet!

    I think I can imagine what my supportive husband would blog and it might not be as endearing at times. 🙂 Something along the lines of, “You can probably still take the dog out and go back to writing it is not like leaving thoracic surgery or something.”

    • Lora,
      Oh, trust me–he does have his moments. His favorite thing to do when I tell him (yet again) I need some writing time is start with an exagerated sigh, then pretend to poke himself in the eye with a stick (he does the same thing when I ask if he wants to watch Desperate Housewives or any movie on Lifetime/Hallmark Channel with me).

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