Bessie is Triumphant!

Dear Loser who infected Bessie (my computer) with a virus,

Perhaps you don’t understand I’m on a deadline! I have only two more weeks to polish off 130 pages of my novel, and sneaking a virus on my computer definitely didn’t help my progress… in fact it stopped me in my tracks for two whole days.

But, if you’re wondering about the virus you installed that brought up 49 blinking error messages at once and automatically loaded porn sites when connected to the internet? Gone, thanks to a very great, very smart, very awesome computer friend of mine who will now get a credit in the acknowledgement page of my novel.

So, loser who tried to sideline my goal…ha!!!!




6 thoughts on “Bessie is Triumphant!

  1. Viruses are such a headache and those who create them get a perverted pleasure in the inconvenience they cause. I don’t understand that mentality. I’m glad you had a friend who was able to get your Bessie up and running promptly.

    There can’t be anything more frustrating than a computer malfunction, especially when you’re on a deadline. I’m a Mac user so few viruses are ever aimed my way, although I have virus protection software installed just in case. But there are other glitches that can happen. I’m a bit fanatic about backing up, so if there’s a problem I can take my memory stick and pick up my work on another computer to carry on.

    • Carol,
      Poor Bessie almost didn’t make it back from this one. It was a pretty sophisticated virus, and she is over ten years old. She is now slower than ever, but still gonna hang in there until the magic words “The End”.

      Fortunately, I figured this day would come and email the entire file with my novel to myself each evening after I do revisions.

  2. Take that, loser.

    Unfortunately, I feel your pain. I had my email account hacked a few months back, and the LOSER sent out an email using my identity TO EVERYONE ON MY WRITING ACCOUNT CONTACTS LIST, including editors, publishers, etc, claiming that I was stuck in London and needed X amount of dollars to get home. In addition to that, Yahoo froze my account, so I couldn’t even send out an apology message for two days.

    So not cool. I hate losers more than ever now. Thank the heavens I didn’t lose a sale over it. I did, however, get a few nasty responses.

    • Lydia,
      I soooo feel for you right now! I can’t even imagine your anger as you found out all that information… 😦

  3. Ouch, so sorry to hear about this bout with the virus. I got so sick of dealing with virus protection–which always seemed to make my PC go wonky–that I finally succumbed and bought me a Mac. I heart my MacBook Pro.

    • The more I hear about Mac the more I am rethinking my lifelong devotion to the PC.

      When my book sells (if Bessie makes it until then) I want to get a laptop and I’m seriously considering going to the other side and getting a MAC.

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