No Quote Friday…

Today, is No Quote Friday.


Because I spent all last night gathering stuff for the first book trailer shoot this weekend. And, even better, was the fact that Dear Hubby was by my side the entire time, brimming with awesome ideas. Yes, he is the best!

Then, something occured to me…I get to post pictures before the trailer is even made!

Look for some over the next few weeks while I get myself in gear and get this thing going.

Also, please leave your opinion in the comments section if you think I should put “Publisher Wanted” on the screen at the end. Too much ? 🙂


7 thoughts on “No Quote Friday…

  1. Ooooh exciting!!! Hubbies are the best… not that I have one, but I borrow my sister’s all the time. I’ll be eagerly watching for pictures.

    Hmmm. “Publishers Wanted” would make me laugh, and think, if it fit in well with the commercial. And I think that’s the key. If your commercial is sort of witty and upbeat, it’d work. If the commercial is more somber, or has a more serious tone (beyond the fact that you’re serious about getting published) it might feel out of place. 🙂

  2. If you’re putting the trailer together yourself it sounds like a fun project. If you’re actually trying to promote the book to future readers and it’s going to cost you something to create, it might be a bit premature. The title could end up changed by a publisher, and your trailer can’t offer info about publisher, release date, or where to buy, etc. — all things that a hooked reader would hope to find after watching it. It could be a great learning experience though, and I’d love to see the pictures!

  3. ooooh! very exciting! i will be checking back for updates! 😉

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. very cool of you 😀

    good luck with your projects!


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