What is your Favorite Book and Why?

My favorite book is Gone with the Wind.

Ten years ago, I read it for the first time. I began reading it around 1:00pm and within the first one hundred pages I found the main character, Scarlett O’Hara, completely fascinating. She was impulsive, conniving, and far too manipulative for her own good.

And on I read.

I became so engrossed in the setting, vivid descriptions, and storyline that the next time I looked at the clock it was 10:00pm.

By this time, I loved Scarlett. She was a strong woman (even if she didn’t yet realize it) and was overcoming incredible odds with her chin held high and her resolve to survive was admirable. Yes, she was still flawed in the relentless pursuit of Ashley, and yes, she did stoop to astounding lows to keep him in her life, but I loved her for it–because Margaret Mitchell did such a fantastic job of making me understand Scarlett’s motivations for her behavior and actions.

And I read on.

I finished the book at 4:30am the next morning.

That book definitely deserves the blurb that is on the cover of my copy “The Epic Novel of our Time”

Now, I ask you to tell me in the comments section what is your favorite book and why? How did it impact your life? Your writing style?


6 thoughts on “What is your Favorite Book and Why?

  1. I first read Gone With The Wind when I was in sixth grade, and it cast the same spell over me that it has cast over you. Wonderful book.

    I’m cheating, I have two favorites. The first is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle. Read that book as a child and I re-read it every few years. It is just as good to read it as an adult.

    The second is Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver. I don’t think any of her subsequent novels were as good as this one about loss and love and family redemption.

    Those are the two that spring to mind immediately. And if I don’t tear myself away, I’ll start spouting more….

  2. I read this post this morning and I’ve thought all darn day about. But the truth remains that I simply CAN’T choose just one favorite book. Okay, I sort of lied just now. If I was only allowed to ever own one book for the rest of my life, I would pick the Scarlet Letter.

    I still claim that I don’t have JUST one favorite, but that’s the one I’d choose if I was forced.

    I think I love it so much because Hester remains true to herself despite the pain it causes her. And Dimsdale loves her even though he knows loving her will eventually kill him. It’s a great book about the nature of humans, and those that choose to stand apart.

  3. Hey Chris:

    I just got back to your post. I have a pat answer to that question:

    My favortie book hasn’t been written yet, or I don’t know if it has so how can I decide. I love it all from poetry to mysteries.

    Your favorite is a grand one. Keep reading, you might find another you love almost as much.

  4. A. Grey: Don’t get me wrong, I have TONS of favorite books that I reread whenever I can. But Gone with the Wind has just stuck with me over the years. In fact, my main character starts out flawed just like Scarlett and by the end of the book has learned quite a lot. I think I like it because it was a complete turnaround of opinion for me (begining I thought she was quite silly and by the end she was fantastic)

    Ramblings: I love almost every book I read and try to read at least 25+ each year. It is such a wonderful thing to get into a book, the setting, the characters. I’ve just never come across one that sucked me in for so long that I was able to read it from start to finish like GWTW.

  5. Barbara Delinsky’s SHADES OF GRACE wouldn’t be considered a classic but it’s one that I still think of, many years after first reading it. It’s a novel set within a family discovering and dealing with the effects of Alzheimer’s. The characters were particularly real to me at a time when my best friend was coping with her husband’s onset of Alzheimer’s.

    That was the first of Delinsky’s books I read and, while her earlier romances haven’t been my cup of tea, I’ve read and loved everything else she’s written since then. I’m not one to re-read books, but I’ve gone back through several of hers, examining them from a writer’s perspective and learning from them.

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