Back in the Saddle Again

Last week I got some revision notes. I spent the end of the week and all weekend enjoying doing nothing writing related.

Now I’m back in the writing saddle again.

On one hand, I’m sorry my freedom didn’t last. While I was waiting for my feedback I got a lot accomplished. Some examples…I saw the inside of an actual grocery store, found out why dusting is important, and sent piles of clothes through our long-abandoned washer/dryer. Also, it was fun to simply enjoy television again instead of berating myself for how much time I was wasting watching it (Oh, Bachelor on ABC, why must you be so riveting, and TWO hours long for each episode?) 

On the other hand, I’ve missed my characters and can’t wait to polish up the manuscript and make it even better!

Happy Wednesday everybody!


6 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. Laundry? Grocery shopping? Dusting? TV? What are these strange things you speak of?

    Obviously, I can relate. I usually don’t realize the laundry has grown into a monster until I go to the linen closet for a washcloth and (lo and behold!) there aren’t any available. And the only TV I’ve watched all winter has been the Cavs games.

    I love my Cavs enough to stop writing. Everything else? Not so much.

  2. Another round of revisions isn’t always greeted with such enthusiasm but I’m with you when it comes to getting back to our characters after a break. After vacationing for almost three weeks during which I did only a minimum of writing, I’m glad to be immersed in my wip again (that is, when I’m not watching Olympic events on TV). 🙂

  3. Yay for being “back in the saddle”. 🙂 I’m expecting revision notes from my agent shortly, and like you, I’m excited about getting back at that ms and refining it even more. (I should probably stock up on groceries and do all the laundry now, though, cuz I know I’ll be totally obsessed with revisions once I get started!)

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