I thought I would open up today’s post to you, dear reader, for any questions you might have about me.

Anything? If so, post in the comments section and I’ll write back.


4 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Ramblings,
    What a great question!

    I was on a very long car trip with my fiance (now known as “Dear Hubby”) and I was starting to whine about how long it was taking, how boring the scenery was, nothing to do, etc… when all of a sudden it hit me–we were traveling in one hour what would take nearly three days to accomplish in the 1800’s. (We had just come from Wall Drug in South Dakota so I think “the old times” were fresh on my mind.)

    I whipped out my notebook and the ideas just started flowing. Soon I had pages and pages of notes and ideas about a possible book idea.

    Occasionally I will pull out that same notebook to see how far I’ve come. The descriptions for the two main characters are completely different from what they are now and there wasn’t one mention of a covered wagon or The Oregon Trail.

    Thanks again for the question,

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