Over the weekend I purchased a book. Once I held it in my hands I immediately knew this was one I had to add to my “writer’s library”.

The Complete Word Book is a definite must for any serious writer. It covers every single topic imaginable (it’s quite thick) including active verses passive verbs, and the dreaded Six Verb Tenses, which I happen to be struggling with right now.

I tell you, nothing strikes fear in my heart like “Present perfect tense” and “future perfect tense”.

Also, I admire anyone who decides to learn English as a second language. The classes must be a nightmare!

Happy Monday everyone! (Of course it is, Castle is on and it’s not a repeat!)


6 thoughts on “Words

  1. Happy Monday to you … one of my short-comings and of course we know I have few of those … is I can’t spell …

    I should live in a country where you can spell phoenitally and I might be fine … except for the one word that tortures me and those brave souls who are my readers …

    Homonyms and who knows if I spelled it right/write/rite …
    see what I mean?

    Good post.

  2. Ramblings,
    I learned Spanish in high school and was amazed at how easy it was to figure out how to spell words. They have almost no “tricky” words.

  3. Oh dear, I agree with you–all those complicated tenses. And I also struggle to find active verbs for my writing. The series I did on finding good verbs on my blog is still the most popular I ever did! Hope you enjoyed your Monday and Castle!

    • Charlotte,
      I’m heading over to your blog RIGHT NOW to find that! 🙂
      PS. Castle was great, did you watch?

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Christi. I’ll add it to my list of writing books. I think teaching ESL is a special skill because it’s not easy for people who grew up speaking English to explain to those who didn’t when to use the infinitive vs. when to use present participles, for example. (I’m sure there are rules for all those things, but most of us just know then intuitively.)

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