Support System

Over the weekend we had a major event at our house.

After forty-five minutes of struggling, encouraging, and finally mommy reaching inside and giving a soft tug, my daughter lost her first tooth.

Her twin brother was by her side the entire time, giving encouragement as only a brother can…singing silly songs, dancing around, and bringing her mountains of stuffed animals to make her feel better. Both of my parents were on the phone during the process, going from talking to her and offering suggestions to at the end simply listening. After it was out, over a bowl of ice-cream, we retold the entire event to my husband’s parents.

This got me to thinking about how a strong support system can make an insurmountable task just a little bit easier.

Who supports your writing career?


5 thoughts on “Support System

  1. Great story … interesting question …

    putting family and friends aside for a moment …

    I have found the greatest support from the other writers I meet … both on line and in several groups I have joined.

    In particular my three “readers” … two from my critique group and one from my book club.

  2. Congratulations on the momentous event!

    My family tries to support my career and they mean well, but they often just don’t get it. The best support system I have is my weekly writing group. They read my work, over and over again, cheer me on, give me recommendations for agents–they’re the best. And othergreat groups are my blog readers, who are awesome and my writing friends in Nashville. Then there are my twitter peeps…I guess I’ve got it pretty good!

  3. Congratulations to your daughter on such a significant occasion!

    A good support system helps in any endeavour. My best cheering section consists of two other very special writers… my daughter and my best friend… both of them seeking publication, too. We can each empathize with the others along the path. I also appreciate the encouragement of other writers I’ve met online. It’s a wonderfully supportive community.

  4. Oh, the tug part doesn’t sound fun. I remember “twisting” my loose teeth until they came loose and the feeling of sinking my tongue into that hole after it came out. And the $2 bill under my pillow the next day! Ah, memories!

    My husband is my greatest supporter. He never reads my writing, but he lets me use family funds to pay for babysitting time to write, and that’s invaluable.

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