Let em Loose Wednesday…

I’ve got nothing whirling around in my brain to post related to writing, so I thought I’d post a question and we’d all commiserate in the comments section.

What makes you crazy when you’re driving (or riding in a car)?

For me, it’s when windshield wipers are left on long past when it stops raining and they “thud thud thud” across the glass.

What about you?


3 thoughts on “Let em Loose Wednesday…

  1. You picked up one of my favorite gripes … the other one when I am riding is when the person at the wheel drives on the dividing line and keeps riding over those little cubes imbedded in the road … another bump/bump/bump …

    what a pain … you want to holler … Hey, clueless … move into the middle of the lane!

  2. The worst thing is when people leave their turn signals on long past the time they have actually turned or changed lanes. And you’re following along behind them wondering if they are really going to turn or switch lanes, and if so when… and it is really annoying when I’m a passenger in a car and the driver does this. I have to bite my lip not to say anything!

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