Happy Birthday!!!

We interrupt this blog to celebrate the 5th birthday of my twins!

I’ll be baking and decorating two separate cakes (I have a policy of each kid gets their own cake, and their own song–we’ve never done “Happy Birthday Twin A and Twin B”), cleaning up the house from yesterday’s mad dash to pick up and build a bed, and preparing for a family birthday celebration that will last the weekend and into early next week.

Blog posts will return Wednesday, March 31st.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!!!

  1. The birthday celebration couldn’t have been better! The cakes were a smashing success. One was a princess theme complete with figurines standing in the turrets of the castle shaped cake, the other a cake mountain with a new plastic motorcycle toy “vrooming” up the mountain to the top.

    We revealed the cakes before 8am and set them on the table for hours of viewing (and nagging of “When can we…”).

    Two times through the birthday song (can’t stand when people with multiples don’t give each kid their own song) later, we dove in.

    Now, I’m still trying to fawn off cake that is stuffed into every tupperware we own.

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

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