Start Up the Crazy…

Now that two five-year olds have had their birthday celebrations and a massive amount of cake, now that family has returned home, now that the house is calmer, it’s time to start up the crazy all over again.

My interview over on Romance Writers on the Journey has been polished to perfection and will appear on April 5th (don’t worry, I’ll provide constant reminders as the day gets closer :)).

Today, I’m putting the finishing touches on my book trailer (created by the wonderful Attic Media) and am hoping for a release date of April 5th.

I’ve been asked by the lovely blog Ramblings from the Left to guest host on April 15th, and I have yet to send out my posts.

Oh, and who can forget taxes are due soon?! (Grumble, grumble, I hate math, grumble, grumble, what do they do with all that money anyway, grumble, grumble, grumble)

My fantastic day begins…NOW!

Have a great Wednesday everyone.


2 thoughts on “Start Up the Crazy…

  1. I say ditto on the grumbles and add a few “Bah humbugs”

    Sounds like you had a great break and are reading to put the pedal to the metal …

    Two clithes in two sentences. I’d better quit while I am ahead … ooops another one bits the dust …

    catch’ya later

  2. Ramblings,
    I love me some cliches!

    Looking forward to the 15th…for when I host your blog, NOT for tax day :)!


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