A Scalpel not a Hatchet

My story is done. I’m in the final leg of this marathon. But, before I finish I have a few more things to accomplish. Small things yes, but oh so important to the final product.

I’m talking about word choice, active voice, and passive sentence structure.

Over the weekend I found out just how many times my characters “decided” or “managed” to do something, how often they “jumped” from the wagon, and how they always “quickly” slid from their saddles. 

At this point I no longer need the large hatchet to go through my manuscript, hacking away at entire pages or chapters. I’m down to carefully lifting away one or two words and replacing with stronger ones that convey an even better story.

Time consuming, yes. But in the end, when I cross that long-awaited finish line, it will be completely worth it!

Happy Monday everybody. Castle is all new tonight!


4 thoughts on “A Scalpel not a Hatchet

  1. Hi Christi,
    I watched Castle too. One of my favorites. I loved last weeks about the Mummy. 🙂 Drop by the Inkwell tomorrow.

    Now, while you are basking in the glow of having completed your book, keep a couple things in mind. Look for pet words. Use that, “Find,” button and look for was, just, to be, that, etc, and any of your favorite words so you can trim them up a bit.

    I’ve always wanted to use the word slugabed in a book and I keep forgetting. I’m going to get it in this next one. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  2. Ramblings and Carol,
    Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement!

    For “fun” I did Find for the words you suggested. I actually gasped at the results! WAY. TOO. MANY.

    Back to the writing board 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Christi Corbett

    PS. Sooooo tempted to use your word “slugabed” in my book in your honor. Would be easy since my characters have to get up and out of bed for six months while traveling the Oregon Trail, plenty of opportunity to sneak that one in 🙂

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