R.I.P. Bessie (My Computer)

My blog has been dark for the past few days because Bessie (my computer) finally gave up. She fought valiantly through these last few months, but after ten years she finally succumbed.

Bessie #2 is on its way, but until then I am checking my email and doing blog posts from the library. I hope to be back up again by the end of this coming week.

Talk to you all soon!


3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Bessie (My Computer)

  1. Bless poor Bessie indeed … and the woman who stood by her for so long … through the good and the bad bleeps and bumps … the thick and the thin of document error …

    may her hard drive RIP along side her worn out shell … and be remembered fondely … fondly … ??? Whatever …

    You will remember her.

  2. Ten years seems like such a short span of time in any realm except the digital one. My sympathy on the passing of Bessie. May her successor not be obsolete before you unpack it from the carton. 😉

  3. Nothing worse than a computer dying, it is like losing an old friend. Yesterday I turned on my previous computer to get a couple file off it and I remembered anew how much I loved that thing. (Not that I don’t love my Mac, I do, I do!) So I hope you fall in love with Bessie 2.

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