Introducing Beetoo

I took the advice of Florence, and kept the first initial the same in naming my incredibly fast, incredibly reliable, new computer. Beetoo stands for “B2”, or “Bessie #2”

Beetoo is absolutely amazing!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Bessie. She was my first computer, but she was over ten years old and her systems were obsolete. Even so, I loved her ability to come back from nearly every problem she picked up, every virus that attacked her, and four moves. She was loyal, and gave her all until the very end. And when she went down, she didn’t go quietly. She went with a blaze of glory, taking the house phones and internet modem with her. Now that is style!

Now that Bessie has been properly honored, let’s talk about Beetoo.

She powers up immediately…with Bessie it was at least a seven minute wait while everything loaded up and the mouse responded properly.

Internet access is instant…with Bessie it was at least four minutes until my home page loaded and the mouse responded properly. Each new site or blog I visited took at minimum one minute to become fully visible.

Not only does Beetoo play music without glitches, she plays every CD I want…Bessie rarely allowed Media Player to function, and when she did would only allow a few CD’s to play.  

My book loads in less than ten seconds. With Bessie, I had to wait over a minute while each page loaded everrrrr soooooo sloooooowly.

Beetoo’s monitor shows grayscale (I haven’t been able to see the color gray on Bessie’s monitor for at least three years. Made those sites with black backgrounds nearly impossible to read)

Finally, when Bessie was done working I knew it. She just shut down completely, without warning. And would only come back on after I moved a heavy cabinet, unplugged her tower, waited 30 seconds, then plugged her back in again. This happened at least three times a week.

And finally, viewing pictures was difficult at best with Bessie. Even opening a photo took minutes. Beetoo is very quick and as a result I’ve been able to check out some photos I haven’t seen in years. So, now I can share! Let’s start with this…

Yeah, if you think rewrites are hard, try caring for premature twins!

In summary,

 Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue

Bessie is gone,

Welcome Beetoo!


4 thoughts on “Introducing Beetoo

  1. Hooray for Beetoo… love her name, and I’m sure you’re loving her improved capabilities, but beware the distractions from writing!

    Early last year we experienced a power surge that blew all our digital household equipment… $10,000 worth of it. (My posts at and tell about it.) Someone said how lucky we were to be getting all new computers and I snarled about the frustration of setting everything up and getting used to new systems and software. Once I got past that stage, however, I admit to enjoying the newness, even though there had been nothing wrong with our old computers’ functionality.

  2. Oh those tiny twins are too cute!

    I bet they are a handful…

    Congrats on Beetoo! Reminds me of R2 that cute squawking trash can in star wars (yup it really makes my dh mad when I call it a trash can).

    Although you can’t really blame Bessie for being discriminating when it came to the music she chose to play….

  3. Ramblings,
    It is quite amazing to have a new computer!

    The distractions have multiplied since I’m able to surf the web 9000% faster now.
    So sorry to hear about the surge and the nasty effects afterwards. That had to be such a bother to purchase everything again when nothing was wrong with the older stuff.

    We had a garbage can in the shape of R2D2 and that was what we called it…as in “R2D2 is full, can you empty it?” and “R2D2 is starting to smell, time to empty”

    My twins just celebrated their fifth birthday so this photo is fairly old, but I just love looking back at how little they were 🙂 now that Beetoo is willing to pull up photos 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by,

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