Soundtrack to your Book

I have certain songs I like to listen to while writing, and now revising, specific scenes in my manuscript.

Some songs are easy and straightforward. One I even put in my book trailer because it just seemed so right–Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for the “tragedy” scene.

Others are random. Anything from Joe Cocker to a song off of a National Geographic cassette tape (yikes, I know! I have to drag out an old tape player every time that scene comes around) populate the soundtrack to my book.

I’m wondering, what are some of the songs you write to? Why?


4 thoughts on “Soundtrack to your Book

  1. I wrote my entire book, “The Mandolin Case,” with my mandolin strung around my neck. My pal Indie loved the old fiddle tune “Cherokee Shuffle” ’cause he had Parkinison’s disease. (They often have a shuffling gait)

    Dr. B

  2. Dr. B,
    Thanks for commenting and sharing the interesting way you write. I find listening to certain songs just helps me “get into the mood” of the scene, and makes it all the more better.


  3. I listen to different things, depending on what I’m writing. I write mostly fantasy, and find myself listening to a great deal of Enya, Lorena McKennit, and Adiemus.
    Of course, the music of John Williams, Danny Elfman, James Horner, and Howard Shore can help with mood.
    Sometimes, a mix of rock music gets into my soundtracks, from October Project all the way to Metallica.
    It just depends on what I’m writing.

  4. Brad,
    You must be my “soundtrack twin” since in front of my right now are three Enya cd’s and Loreena McKennitt’s Book of Secrets cd.
    Thanks for stopping by,

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