Lotsa Quotes Friday

I usually only do one quote, but today needed three.

Today’s first quote comes from Judy Blume…

“I would go to sleep at night feeling that I’d never be published. But I’d wake up in the morning convinced I would be. Each time I sent a story or book off to a publisher, I would sit down and begin something new. I was learning more with each effort. I was determined. Determination and hard work are as important as talent.”


The second comes from an unknown author…

Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer.


And the last quote comes from Newt Gingrich…

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. 

And now I ask, which quote spoke to you? Why?


6 thoughts on “Lotsa Quotes Friday

  1. The first quote is EXACTLY how I am right now in my life. I go through these moments of Italian hair-rending devastation, convinced that all is for nought, and then within a few hours (either overnight or after doing something totally unrelated to writing) I’m back to KNOWING that I’m going to be successful eventually. And I’m constantly starting new projects, even as I progress with ones I’m already working on. And every sentence I write teaches me something, so I’m happy even when I’m despairing, in an odd sort of way…

  2. A. Grey,
    I’m right there with you on that one!

    You might want to check out Nathan Bransford’s blog post for Tuesday, May 18th titled Every Writer Gets Rejected. He includes a really great link to an article about 50 great/super famous writers and their rejection counts. Even better, there are excerpts from the letters.

    PS. I have a link to Nathan’s blog in the right column under “Agent Blogs”.

  3. That last one should be my mantra! There are times when I think I’ve done all there is to do, but it isn’t enough. Those are the moments when it’s tempting to quit. Then I remember that quitting will nullify all the time and energy I’ve already expended and continuing is the only way I’ll ever discover if my efforts were justified. Perseverance is the only way to reach my goal.

  4. Carol,
    It’s like you were reading my mind while you made your comment! Just when you think I’ve done all I can, more shows up :).

    On a related note, I found a really great link for how to write a “pitch sentence” for your novel. I’ve added it to the “Writing How To Sites” box on the right. Check it out if you have a moment.


  5. She kept my children happy with her stories, from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Super Fudge to “Margaret.” From grade school to high school and now stories for me … She is an all time favorite and a positive influence.

    I choose Judy Blume and thanks for quoting her.

  6. Ramblings,
    I read most of her books growing up, and saved all my copies so my children could enjoy them when they are old enough. I would have to say my favorite was “Are you There God? It’s Me Margaret.”

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