Screensavers, Puppies, and Justified

I’ve got nothing to write about today so let’s do an open thread in the comments section. Here’s some possible topics to get the ball rolling…

What is on the screen saver of your computer? (Mine scrolls the following…”If you’re reading this it means you’re not writing!”)

Why would a puppy eat rose bushes and how do I get him to stop? (Yes, I know he needs daily excercise, but seriously?! A rose-bush?! With thorns?!)

What is your favorite television show right now? (Since Castle is currently on hold for the Bachelorette, mine is an AWESOME show on FX called Justified. It is a modern-day western, complete with a lead character who is a US Marshall. I highly recommend. Plus, the photo you see when you click on the above link is an exact vision of my male lead character in my book.)

On to the comments!


3 thoughts on “Screensavers, Puppies, and Justified

  1. My screen saver is a picture of my favorite four-legged love of mine, Maggie.

    A puppy might eat a rose bush if he is hungry, bored, or wanting to make you mad!

    I have been watching America, the history of us, American Pickers and I love me some Pawn Stars, too.

    Today is a historic day in my family. My grandparents are celebrating 61 years of wedded bliss today. They celebrated with breakfast and gambling! Congratulations Lester and Beverly on many more memories and healthy, happy days.

  2. Tracy,
    I think the new puppy is a mixture of all you said 🙂

    I love American Pickers. Facinating to see bits and pieces of American history picked from piles of rubbish and old, abandoned buildings.

    Congrats to the grandparents!


  3. I don’t have a very interesting screensaver, and I don’t know much about puppies, but I do have a few favorite TV shows: Right now I’m watching Season Three of Big Love (and love it). Just finished watching Lost. Anxiously awaiting Mad Men in July and Dexter in Sept. Am way behind on The Office – and those are all the shows I watch!

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