Awesome! (Or, every writer’s biggest fear)

I saw this on Nathan Bransford’s blog last Friday, and couldn’t resist reposting.


8 thoughts on “Awesome! (Or, every writer’s biggest fear)

  1. OMG that MADE my Weds morning Christi!!! I’m moping around (not having heard from anyone who currently has my full) and what to I find on your blog? A video that took a true fear and made me laugh until my sides hurt! Thanks!

  2. A. Grey,
    I’m so glad to give you a laugh today! But, I have even better news for you…he has more on YouTube. Just type in his name (Parnell Hall) on YouTube and the others will show up. The most memorable was one about killing off your beloved characters, and he uses a variety of movie clips to support his lyrics. You’ll love it!

    Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Charlotte,
    I love how he took something that could have been such a downer and spun it into such hilarity. And, at the same time made me sympathize with authors at bookstores–I’ll never pass by one again without saying a few words :).

  4. Wow..this was hilarious! 🙂 Poor guy–I’ll have to check him out on you tube.

    I’m writing to let everyone who was nice enough to enter our contest know that voting has begun–come vote for your favorite. 🙂

    And keep an eye on the site–the next contest will be an origin story for the chimera–we’ll have some great prizes! Thanks…:)

  5. Winona,
    You should go to YouTube right away and watch his one about killing off his characters. It is great!

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