What Inspires You While You Write?

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I write.  Not style, word choice, or my writing schedule, but the actual “how” of sitting down and writing a novel.

I have an active imagination for storylines, but need inspiration to get the thoughts flowing. Here’s how I do that…

For starters, I listen to music.

Anything from classical to Joe Cocker gets me thinking. Right now, my personal favorites are the soundtrack to the movie All the Pretty Horses, and a cassette tape (I know, I have to drag out a tape player every time I want that one playing) filled with songs about The Oregon Trail from National Geographic.

I also surround myself with various props.

I write historicals so when I need inspiration for what my characters look like I go to an antique store and browse through the collections of photos of people. I have about seven such photos right now for my WIP in a pile right next to my desk.

Also, a silver jewel case is very significant to the storyline of my WIP. I found one I liked, complete with red velvet interior, and bought it. It resides right next to my desk. And, you can see it in the opening shots of my book trailer.

I often dress in “period pieces”.

Dressing in clothes/styles from the past allows me to get into the heads of my characters and gives me a sense of what it must have been like for the character to wear such clothes. This includes bonnets, floor-length skirts, frilly things, various styles of cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and a leather holster complete with the fake gun. (I included several of these in my book trailer)

And finally, this is what I tell myself when I think my writing is really, really bad, or really, really good.

What in particular inspires you while you’re writing? Music? Props? Photos?

3 thoughts on “What Inspires You While You Write?

  1. How fun that you dress in period pieces! I’m so jealous. And having photos and the jewel case nearby sounds like a great idea. I can’t listen to music while I write. Really, I do none of those things except to turn MacFreedom on and stare at the blank page. So fascinating, though. I love hearing stories like this.

  2. Meghan,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    I admit I do look a bit funny wearing those things, but it really does give me a feel for how women manuvered through their daily lives with all that fabric…stairs are impossible! And, holsters bang into everything.

    All things I wouldn’t have realized had I not “dressed up”.


  3. Can inspiration be bought? I need some. I’ve been feeling poorly about my writing. Need to just find some writing time, want writing time. But, real life has a way of getting in the way.

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