Find the Perfect

To a writer, finding the perfect…





is pure bliss!

Here’s to all you other writers out there looking to “Find the Perfect”!

What is a recent “perfect” you’ve created in your own work?


6 thoughts on “Find the Perfect

  1. Thanks for stopping by “Ramblings” … I am glad to be back and that brings me to my comment.

    The perfect for me this month is getting back my space, my peace and finding my writing center. My space was invaded, my peace blown and my center sent off on a tangent.

    Now I am feeling it all being pulled by centrifical force and gravity to a loving center and like the yoke of the egg … it is perfect.

  2. Ramblings,
    So glad to have you back in the “writing world” and I hope everything calms down in the real world for you really soon.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  3. I recently had a sentence pop into my head just as I was falling asleep. I’ve been trying to think of a sentence to show my heroine responding to a frightening and surprising event. It’s this–“Oh!” She swallowed the startled word and strangled on it.

    I tore the top off of a crossword puzzle and scribbled it down before I forgot it. I know exactly where to put it.


  4. Winona,
    I have notebooks and pens stashed all over the house for just such an occasion when I “Find the Perfect”. Be it in the kitchen, the car, or even the bathroom, I am prepared.

    Great line by the way.


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