I finally figured out how to make a Facebook badge, add the badge to the sidebar of my blog (see very bottom of left sidebar), and create a link to my actual Facebook page.

What about you? Do you use Facebook or Twitter to connect with others?


4 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Oh God, Christi, you are a better woman than I. I once spent a couple hours on Facebook trying to figure out how to make a badge, without success. I find Facebook a bit overwhelming, but I love twitter. Most of the time. Except for the days I hate it.

  2. Charlotte,
    Not a better woman, because it took me a bit of time too. Creating it wasn’t a problem (see below) but getting it to appear properly on my blog is a whole different story.

    But, if you look at my “badge” and click on the wonderful words beneath “Create your badge” that might make it a bit simpler for you :).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Care to share . . . I love the look of your site. I’m at blogspot and can’t figure out how to add new links to blogs I enjoy. One day I’ll have to get an expert to sit down with me and take me through it step by step.

    Winona Cross

  4. Winona,
    I use wordpress, which means I don’t design any part of the site. It couldn’t be simpler, all I do is click a few buttons, type a few words and hit “OK”.

    I heard WordPress is way simpler than Blogspot. If you’re up for giving it a try I could walk you through a few things.

    Thanks for stopping by,

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