Oregon Trail–Educational Game AND Movie?

Many of you remember the educational game you played as children about The Oregon Trail.

You picked your profession, bought your supplies, named the members of your wagon train, and set out on the Oregon Trail. Along the way various tragedies slowed your pace:  you ran out of food, your supplies were stolen, and when you managed to take down a buffalo you could only bring back 100 pounds of meat–even though your wagon train was starving. Oh, and don’t forget your wagon train members died of anything from cholera to dysentery.

I played this game all the time at home and got so good I won more often than not.  (no wonder my novel is about the Oregon Trail huh?)

Now, the game comes to life in this hilarious “movie trailer”.

Watch this and then share your memories of playing the game in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Oregon Trail–Educational Game AND Movie?

  1. Actually, we played ring-a-levio behind the factory buildings. Ran along the docks and the closest to green was Sunset Park.

    I loved the trail-er and I bet the game was fun. When many of us write we don’t travel that far from home.

  2. Brad,
    I highly recommend that game to children and adults alike!

    Not only is it super educational it is really fun as well.

    And the “old poopface” and “mac and cheese” part of the trailer is referencing the fact the game is usually played by elementary school kids…kids who get to name the members of their party that comes along on the trail with them.

  3. Florence,

    This was a computer game that many elementary schools used to teach kids the “realities” of the Oregon Trail and still remains popular to this day.

    Your games sound fun!


  4. Lydia,
    So glad to see you enjoyed it! I seriously loved playing that game, bad graphics and all.

    Congrats on your recent post over at Chuck Sambuchino’s site. I really enjoyed your “Seven Things”.


  5. Meghan,
    Oh no no no, it wasn’t a board game…it was a computer experience!

    It came out right when I was in elementary school and if you were lucky enough to be selected to go to the computer lab and play it you were in for a treat. To play the game took at least 45 minutes and it took you and your fake wagon train along the landmarks of the actual Oregon Trail. You made all the tough decisions: what to do for your occupation, what supplies to buy, how hard/easy to travel, what month to leave, etc…

    A classic game loved by generations!


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