Quote Friday

Today’s quote comes from my hubby…(Read his guest post here)

“Football season just started. I’ll see you in six months.”


2 thoughts on “Quote Friday

  1. I read your husband’s guest post … one can see he is both proud and a bit confused. It isn’t every day a woman can take more time doing something of her own that takes more time than a man watching football.

    I mean there is the pre-game shows, the game, the other coast game, the guys with direct TV watch all the games, often at once, they watch game related commercials and don’t complain, they get sores on their butts and never leave their seats.

    Then there’s the after the game commentary, the interviews with the winners and losers of the east and west coast game shows and the recap on the evening sports news.

    Give that poor man a pizza and a beer. He’s earned it!

    Have a great weekend Christi 🙂

  2. Florence,
    He does all the stuff you mentioned, and he is also on the phone with all his football buddies comparing opinions over the various plays and referee calls.

    And now…he’s got the kids into it too.

    Sundays are interesting at our house 🙂


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