Please Ignore the Crying Crazy Woman

My twins start Kindergarten tomorrow.

I’m not handling it well.

(Examples:  I had a crying meltdown in the grocery store while buying stuff for their lunches. Ditto to picking out their “first day” outfits from their own closets.)

Please oh please tell me I’m not alone and there are other similar stories out there…


12 thoughts on “Please Ignore the Crying Crazy Woman

  1. You are not alone. I might have handled it a bit better, but a friend had to be escorted out of the building when she refused to stop pushing her face on the glass of the door, weeping and calling out to her daughter, “It’s okay, mommy loves you.”

    You are not crazy, you’re just a mom 🙂

    p.s. thanks for the compliment. That was sweet.

  2. You are definitely not alone. I have been through it several times and I don’t think that it gets any easier. Best wishes for you and the twins. You will make it through. It is hard watching them grow up. My baby is now in 1st grade…so I was in your shoes last year. My oldest is a junior in high school and I have two freshmen boys and an eighth grader too.

    Just breathe…and smile. It is okay to feel that way.

  3. Of course there are. We’re moms and we’re everywhere! It’s not just that our babies are growing up too fast, but that we want to be able to protect them from all the boo-boos and scariness in life and are facing the reality that we no longer can. I also had meltdowns when mine left home, and by then they weren’t my “babies” anymore. After my eldest daughter left home for college my eyes would tear up every time I passed the door of her empty bedroom. Chin up. It gets easier (although it never completely goes away… they’re always going to feel like our babies).

  4. Ramblings,
    I’m finding losing two at once super hard 😦 but I hope I don’t find myself up against the glass 🙂

  5. Regina,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad to have you here and hope to see you back. I snooped around your blog today…liked it a lot!

    I’m going to recite your advice “just breathe and smile” while I walk away tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  6. Carol,
    Auuugggghhhhh, I hadn’t even thought of them leaving home yet!

    I like your comment about “we’re moms and we’re everywhere” because it means I won’t be alone tomorrow in my sadness (and a little guilt because I’m super happy to get some freedom during the day again). And of course, dear hubby will be with us too so I’ll have a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on.

    Thanks again,

  7. Well… I was one of those moms who pushed her kids out the door to school, and did a happy dance when they were gone. (Don’t hit me!) Understand, I love my kids, but I had three in diapers and those years were some of the hardest for me!

    However, a few years later, I decided to home-school (complete turn-around). I home-schooled all three of them for three years, and when I let the oldest go back to public school (8th grade by that point) I was the mom at the door weeping and saying, “Don’t worry! Mommy’s right here!” I even drove by the school during the day just to make sure it hadn’t burned down or something. How embarrassing.

    The next year, I let my daughter go back to public school and had the same weepy reaction all over again. Sheesh.

    But those years of home-schooling brought me so much closer to my kids that I missed them terribly when they went back to public school. I still have one that is home-schooled. I don’t know if he’ll ever leave home…

    Motherhood. What a mystery.

  8. Dr. B.,
    I hadn’t even thought of that milestone yet! Now that I think about it, my mom cried hard at that moment too :(.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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