Writing Guests

Last weekend I sat down with the intention of completing a few revisions.

Then, “Self Doubt” decided to drop by for a quick visit, AND bring his two friends “What If” and “No Way Will You Ever Get Published”.

Even worse, they are all contagious with “WhatWordShouldIUse–itis”

Hopefully they leave soon.


8 thoughts on “Writing Guests

  1. They visit all of us no matter how strong we think we are.

    When you think they are finally gone … get even by writing until your fingers ache.

    It might be the same as the endorphins we get from aerobic exercise … when you get a rush and the words can’t stop …

    Be patient … those pains will soon be gone 🙂

  2. Florence,

    I think it was because I was having trouble concentrating…too much thinking of all my upcoming free time while the twins are in school :).

    Thanks for stopping by. Love the photos on your blog!


  3. I’ve never experienced true writer’s block but a couple years ago I found I was overwhelmed with negative thoughts about my ability. A friend pointed out it was the Inner Critic to which she had given a personalized name and written about. I liked that idea and sat down to write a very snarky piece that put my I.C. firmly in her place. I don’t write humour but it was funny enough that I was able to laugh at the effect I’d allowed her to have on me and my writing. It was cathartic! I recommend it. 🙂

  4. Yeah, I have those two dropping by at the MOST random moments…

    And can anyone explain these ‘Stages of a Query’??? I mean, Stage one: Send the letter, get excited, wait for instant replay Stage two: Be HAPPY when there’s nothing in your inbox – they haven’t rejected you YET. Stage three: Assume you’ve been rejected. Cry. Stage four: YEARN for the rejection because, hey then at least you got a response.

    Seriously? Why do I think like this?

  5. Carol,
    I have a little internal voice I like to call Captain Obvious. He tells me when what I’m writing needs work or is just plain bad. He doesn’t stop by often, but when he does…ouch!

    (I’ve blogged many times about Captain Obvious. Type him into the search box on the sidebar to pull up those posts)

  6. A.Grey,
    That sounds like a post all in itself…one I’ll soon be making since I plan to hop on the query train soon :).

  7. Shelley,
    Thank you SO much for your kind words…your encouragement and ideas during our critique/writer’s group meetings is very helpful.

    Hope to see you at the next one!


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