Writing Blogs

There are lots of writing related blogs out there. What are some of your favorites and why?


4 thoughts on “Writing Blogs

  1. the blogs I follow are a mix of the things I love and what I think I need …

    How to sites and contests(this I also get from you 🙂 thanks) membership sites … advice and the latest in publishing or genre writing … help with queries and so on … these are sites I visit daily …

    Then there are sites like yours and other writers … both aspiring and published … they are the feel good sites I read for fun or for inspiration …

  2. Florence,
    That’s right about where I am for sites I read. I have a happy mixture of educational, fun, and just plain interesting.

  3. I’ve recently joined a couple of poetry blogs that have different challenges each week. They’ve brought a lot of traffic to my blog. How are YOU doing? No action on my novel so far. Victoria

  4. Liv2write,
    I remember our emails a few months ago about blogging and check in on your blog every once in a while. I LOVE your poems, you always choose the most expressive and lovely words to convey your emotions 🙂
    Best wishes!

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