Advice Needed

Dear hubby and I have five-year-old twins and a darling puppy.

And, because my daughter was FINALLY able to convince dear hubby, as of today we’ve added another member to our family.

Yep, a kitten. (Photos to come soon)

So, my question is…do you have any tips/experience on how to convince a one-year-old (nuetered) puppy and a 11 week old (spayed) kitten to become friends?


10 thoughts on “Advice Needed

  1. No advice needed. Contrary to popular belief, they are natural friends. My cat used to wait until the dog went to sleep and then curl up on her backside.

    They usually have a few days of checking each other out and after that it is wonderful how affectionate they can be with each other.

    Good luck … babies, puppies and kittens. You have come full circle. Now all you need is a couple of birds, a hamster, a few goldfish and when they are in third grade … an ant farm.

    Oh yeah, it’s so much fun.

  2. Their introduction and initial “play” times need to be supervised. of course, but I agree that they will quickly work out their relationship. That’s the way it’s been in every cat/dog household I know. What takes more time is convincing youngsters to leave the pets to themselves, particularly not to constantly maul the kitten, or to direct all of their attention to it. Like human siblings, dogs don’t appreciate being displaced by a newcomer. Good luck to you!

  3. Since I know this particular kitty very well I can say that it should be fine! She is just about the most laid back little kitten I have ever met! I am so glad she went to a great home with a little girl who will just adore her. I look forward to pictures, and her new name!

    Ava (my daughter) just loved the pictures your little one made. Thank you so much for that. I am sure it eased her little mind. Plus the pictures were in purple, which means automatic awesome points!

  4. Ramblings,

    My little boy has much bigger goals for a future pet…he wants a T-REX! Such an imagination 🙂

    They are definitely checking each other out…through the bathroom door. We decided to give her her own space for the first few days to escape from puppy, and twins, when she needs a moment by herself. However, she gets lonely (and loud) after only a few minutes. She’s very social!

    This morning (Tuesday) new kitty sat in my arms, twins sat at my side, and puppy laid nicely less than a foot away.

    We haven’t let her down when he’s in the house yet, that will come in about a week I think.

    Thanks for all the advice!


  5. Carol,
    I forgot that you are a doggie specialist. I should have written to you right away! (How’s Cooper by the way?)

    I’ve taken your advice about attention to the puppy and made the twins pet puppy twice for every time they pet kitty. And, they spent around an hour in the backyard playing with puppy yesterday to make him (and them) super tired.

    We all played musical beds last night–a new event in our house since we are strict believers of “no kids in the grown-up bed”. Kitty started in daughter’s sock basket then got moved to son’s room. Son woke up at 4:30am shouting with glee that the kitty was purring beside him. Kitty got scared so son got moved to dear hubby’s spot, then hubby ended up in son’s bed with purring kitty at his side. Then, an hour later, hubby put kitty in with daughter who immediately woke up and began begging kitty to “come here kitty, get on the bed with me kitty”. Kitty wanted none of that and headed for the sock basket again. Kitty, puppy, twins, hubby, and me (with a much needed cup of coffee) ended up all in the grown-up bed.

    Needless to say, it was a long night :).


  6. Dear readers, let me introduce Amanda, the foster “mommy” for our new kitty. She generously donated her time and energy raising our new kitty until we could bring her home.

    She really is an amazing kitty! I’ve never seen a more relaxed and mellow cat—perfect for us.

    My daughter felt so bad that your daughter would be without the kitty, hence all the drawings. I’m glad your little girl liked them.

    I’m glad you found me and my blog and I hope to see you here again 🙂

    PS. Be sure to check out my comment to Carol about how we spent our first night with kitty.

  7. What a night you had! LOL! I guess no worse than first nights with new babies or even new puppies. It sounds like everyone adores the kitty and I’m sure it will only be a short time before everyone gets used to everyone and life settles back to normal (sort of).

    Our daughter’s Cooper misses the Lab now that she’s gone, but snuggles up to the girls instead. He’s very sweet natured but mischievous at times, too. He’ll steal food off the counters if he can get away with it! They’ve done an initial obedience course with him and he did well. Now he gets to walk with our daughter when they take the older girl to school and frequently heads out with her hubby on longer, more energetic walks in the bush. They bought a travel trailer this summer and he loves the camping trips… doesn’t complain a bit about being on rope when he can be outside with everyone.

  8. Carol,

    Last night was a little better. She started snuggling on the pillow with my daughter, hours later began yowling so I let her out expecting her to want to snuggle with my son.

    Nope. She wanted to roam the house and play with EVERYTHING. So, I got up and ran her around a bit, then she got sleepy and all was well until early morning.

    Glad to hear Cooper’s doing better, sad to hear of the Lab’s passing :(.


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