The Cherry on Top Award

I want to thank the lovely A. Grey for awarding me the Cherry on Top Blog Award! (For those of you who aren’t regular readers of her blog, click here for some super entertaining posts about writing, farming, and family. Plus, she’s got the biggest cat I’ve EVER seen!)

This is my first ever award and I’m flying with excitement!

And now, to the nitty-gritty of the award. I have to answer one question…

If I had to go back and change one thing in my life what would it be?

Oh my.

So many things.


While I sift through my memories (ok, while narrow it down to only one thing) please enjoy the music I selected to go along with the question :).

Alright, now I’m finally ready.

What I would change about my writing life, is that I would have done more—written more, learned more, and tried more—whenever and however I had the chance.

At times I feel as if opportunities are slipping me by because I’m still learning about the business side of getting published.

However, even though I’m still a “newbie” to the publishing world, it’s still gratifying to look back and see how far I’ve come in the last year.  I’ve attended conferences, entered and done well in a RWA contest, made wonderful writing friends, produced my very own book trailer, worked with wonderful critique partners, and fallen in love with my novel several times over.

Ok, reflection time over :).

Now, I get the privilege of passing this award on to several bloggers I know and enjoy.

Florence Fois (A wonderful writer and blogger, who also will be guest hosting my blog this Wednesday)

Margo Kelly (My super awesome critique partner, who has written a super awesome YA novel)

Charlotte Dixon (Her blog is very informative and a definite must read for any aspiring author)

PK Hrezo (Writes a very informative, and at the same time entertaining, blog)

8 thoughts on “The Cherry on Top Award

  1. OMG … I woke up fuzzy and tired and then I read your blog, clicked the video and the memories flooded my brain …

    Fantastic … and so are you and your blog, Christi. As a bonus I get to meet new writers and view your trailer again and … an award?

    Hey, thanks. I am sure I’ll enjoy A. Grey and Charlotte Dixon. I already know Margo Kelly and PK Hrezo and each and every one of you are the reason we bond together.

    We are the women, sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers, friends, wives and dedicated lovers of the word and I am honored to be your company 🙂

    Have a great day!

  2. Charlotte,

    I really enjoyed thinking back over things and coming up with my answer, plus I got to include a clip from Dirty Dancing!


  3. Margo,

    I hope you have lots of fun, meet lots of great people, and learn lots of information at your upcoming conference :).

    You’ll be amazing during your agent meetings too!

    Best wishes,

  4. Thank you so much, Christi!!! I LOVE it! I’m totally flattered. And I’m super impressed with your book and trailer. I’m eager to know what heppens between Kate and Jake… hope it’s full of physical chemistry and tension. 😉

    I feel the same… I wish I would’ve started reallyw riting a lot sooner. I didn’t think I was ready back then cuz I was so young… but then I think how well I’d be doing now if I had. Oh well.. it is what it is and the important thing is we’re doing it NOW!

  5. PK,

    Thanks for checking out the trailer, it was quite the labor of love for me to produce. And, you’re on the right track for the story of Kate and Jake :).

    I find myself sometimes wandering into the world of “wow, I should have started earlier because I’d be so much farther ahead now”, but then I also wonder if I would have had the discipline back then?

    I agree that it’s important we’re doing it now!

    Thanks for stopping by. Love your new blog. Are you happy with Blogger?


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