Well, after two weeks, they finally figured out how to get along.  (Check out the comments on this post for how our first few days went)

Now, Buddy Love (the puppy, named after the Nutty Professor movies) and Princess (the kitty, named after every single Disney movie imaginable) are best friends who don’t like to be apart.

I can finally get some writing done again instead of playing referee all day.

Also, note how Buddy Love’s back legs are super long so he has to pull them forward to make room for Princess. Such a trooper!


4 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. We’ve had two combos of a dog and a cat and both of them were the best of friends. One used to make her bed on top of the dog’s bottom, the other shared the big doggy bed.

    It’s a great love they share. When after twelve years our dog passed, the cat roamed around for weeks mewing and looking everywhere for her.

    Enjoy this most special of animal myths broken. Only people fight like “cats and dogs” … the animals themselves love each other.

    What a wonderful picture. 🙂 Thanks, it brought back good memories. I will copy and send to my dauther.

  2. Ramblings,
    About three days in I had some serious doubts that it would work, but then a few more days passed and it grew easier. They still have their moments, but I think we’ve finally made it!

    Glad you enjoyed the picture :).


  3. Laura,
    They are still getting along, even though she stole his dog bed and he’s now on the floor. Guess she needs her own bed :).

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