Big News and Questions

Big News…I’ve convinced a multi-published, award-winning author to appear here on this very blog and tell us all about her journey to publication!

And, she’s going to take questions!

And, I have prizes, including one of her books to give away!

Obviously I’m sooooooooooo excited!

But, I’m going to keep you guessing for a while as to her identity. She’s appearing sometime in November so I’ll be dropping hints with every post. I wonder if anyone will guess her identity?

In the meantime, I’m taking the cue from Elle’ Strauss’ blog and putting out an open Q & A to readers.

In other words, does anyone have any questions they would like to ask me? If so, leave them in the comments section and I’ll post the answers Monday.

Don’t be shy, ask away (says my fragile ego that’s suddenly become worried no one will ask anything).


6 thoughts on “Big News and Questions

  1. Thanks for linking to me, Christi! I wouldn’t mind hearing more about writing for TV–what is the story structure for that like? I wonder if it would could be used for short story writing? What TV shows did you write for?

  2. Interesting and wonky Christi! Have you ever seen a waterlogged donkey? It’s something you won’t soon forget…

    Riding on the coattails of Ramblingsfromtheleft… now that you’ve written a historically based book, are you settled in that genre? Would you/are you writing anything else is any other genre? Do you think that an as-of-yet-unpublished author should restrict themselves to only one genre? Or is it okay to explore whatever feels right?

    Okay that was more than one question… 🙂

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