Writing Quote Friday (and a bonus)

Today’s quote comes from H. G. Wells…

Nothing leads so straight to futility as literary ambitions without systematic knowledge.

And to celebrate that there’s only four more months until Justified (hands down one of the best written, best acted shows out there) returns for a second season, here’s the last 90 seconds from the finale of Season One.

Seriously. Awesome. Writing.

And, check this clip out for a little humor to start your weekend :).


4 thoughts on “Writing Quote Friday (and a bonus)

  1. Ramblings,

    Justified airs on the FX network. It stars Timothy Olyphant as US Marshal Raylon Gibbins, a tough guy who is living an Old West lifestyle in our current world.

    In summary, he’s a badass. And, he’s hot :). It’s not just shoot up the badguys kind of show, it also explores his complicated relationships (with his father, his boss, old high-school friends gone wrong, and ex-wife), and best of all…it often uses humor.

    It’s the hubby and my favorite show on television. We have friends over every week to watch, and talk to other friends on the phone during the commercials.

    Then, hubby and I watch every rerun through the week to get us through until the next new one comes along.

    Second season starts in February. I’ll keep you posted.


  2. Regina,

    Yay another Justified fan! Weren’t you upset when the show (and actors) got passed over for an emmy?

    Happy writing this weekend.


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