Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

No post today.

Family is visiting from out of state.

Family that loves us enough to take a train, a bus, and finally a car to get here. (We live in a small town) 

What’s your worst traveling or vacation story?


6 thoughts on “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

  1. I’ve been blessed for the most part in my journeys. However, as a nineteen year old who had never been out of the country and only flown once, I was stranded in Heathrow for 6 hours, with a girl who chain smoked and had already been 13 hours without a cigarette… on top of that, our friend was in Limerick waiting to pick us up when our flight arrived and we weren’t on it because we’d missed it (due to an airport employee sending us to the wrong gate) and although we tried to send messages they were never received by her, so she had to just camp and hope we’d show eventually…

  2. The old Chevy my brother refused to trade in … me and my mom … my middle brother … my big brother, his wife and their eight month old baby …

    Big brother driving. MIddle brother in the back chewing his finger nails. The car kept stalling and so we all took turns pushing. We pushed and pushed and rode on side roads and took seven hours to make a two hour trip from Poughkeepsie to Brooklyn …

    The baby slept through the whole thing 🙂

  3. I was on my way from Vancouver to rejoin my DH who was attending meetings in Toronto. I have moderate claustrophobia so taking flights by myself is always stressful, but on this occasion they cancelled the flight at the last minute, not once but three times. Stress built when I couldn’t reach DH to advise him of the delays. They finally found me a seat on a smaller plane making a milk run via Calgary. My seat was between two large men and at the last minute I had a panic attack and wanted/needed to get off the plane, but the doors had already closed. The attendants were kind, took me to the galley for a drink, switched people around to find me an aisle seat and I eventually got to Toronto in one piece. But for years I referred to it as the ‘flight from hell’. Now I travel with Ativan in my purse ‘just in case’.

  4. A. Grey,

    What an adventure you had! Especially intriguing is the the part about having to be with a chain smoker out of smokes. Bet that was fun 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Ramblings,

    Thankfully the baby didn’t wake up during the middle of a pushing session and start screaming to add to the madness.

    That is a lot of people to pack into one car for so long. Seven hours…ugh :(.


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