You’ve Got to Have a Plan

I’m continuing my “getting writers ready for the holidays” theme with this link to Rachelle Gardner’s blog.

Also, I figured I’d continue with the silly stuff said in our house lately…

“The inside of the fridge is NOT where your stuffed animals go for a time out,” said the exasperated mommy of five-year-old twins stuck home on a snow day.


8 thoughts on “You’ve Got to Have a Plan

  1. I read that post on Rachelle’s blog and decided to wing it. My plans this month have been sidetracked so many times I think my plan is to not plan anymore and fool the gremlins messing with my life into believing they’ve won. I’ll pretend I gave up on trying to organize my life and fool them into torturing someone else.

    Love the stuffed animals in the frig.
    A blessed holiday to you and yours.:)

  2. Ramblings,

    I’ve decided to set such low and pathetic goals for myself that if I don’t meet them I’ll lose all self-respect 🙂

    So far it’s working, but then again the holidays have just begun 🙂

    Also, since you view my blog a lot I’m wondering…should I do more “kids quotes” on this blog? I’ve got plenty. Or, should it just be writing stuff?


  3. Ramblings,

    Fortunately for my writing part of my life, we don’t really do Thanksgiving. We are far away from family and try to save up gas money and time off to do Christmas really big.

    So, I’m looking forward to a big, long, relaxing weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet my writing goals too 🙂

    I’ll do more kid quotes…with five-year-old twins I’ve got plenty 🙂

  4. Regina,

    You’ll love this one then…

    Later on in the day my son began making a random assortment of crafts, all of which involved glue sticks. He stuck them in the fridge to “cold up” the glue. He said the cold helps the glue dry faster.

    Maybe he’s right?


  5. I saw that post of Rachelle’s too, and realized how much my perspective has changed over the years. I used to work myself into a tizzy trying to get everything perfect, but when life stopped me short one year I had to re-evaluate what I was able to do. A simpler Christmas turned out to be full of blessings and I had time to appreciate them. So now I continue to limit my preparations and focus more on the ‘reason for the season’. It’s a much more joy-filled holiday.

    Your twins sound delightful. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Carol,
    We keep things simple in our house for Thanksgiving. Our big plan is to sit on the couch, with bowls of popcorn nestled on our laps, and watch the parade from start to finish.

    The rest of the day…we’re winging it 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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