Social Networking

Do you use Twitter or Facebook?

Why or why not?

Also, get ready for a special guest on Wednesday. She’s self-published several books and is going to talk candidly about what led her down that road, and all about the process.


6 thoughts on “Social Networking

  1. Yep… use them all. It’s tough to keep up, but I try to do a little of each, each day. I prefer blogging so I try to focus on that more. We can’t possibly do it all … however hard work does pay off. 😉

  2. PK,

    I find I use the my blog and Twitter for connecting with other writers, and Facebook to connect with family and friends. Is that the case with you?


  3. I succumbed to Twitter not long ago, but I use TweetDeck to organize my groups, and Google Reader to consolidate my favourite blogs in one place. Most of my Facebook contacts are family and friends with a few writerly exceptions. I tend to visit these places just once a day to get caught up with happenings unless I have extra time on my hands (is there such a thing?). I love the interactions with my online friends but have to compromise somewhere or they could easily take over my life!

  4. Carol,

    I’ve heard very positive things about TweetDeck and how it makes Twitter so much more helpful. I should use Google Reader for blogs since I find myself losing valuable time checking for updates on the ones I read.

    Thanks for stopping by,

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