Kid Quote and Guest Host Info

I’ve decided to add a new feature to my blog to keep things fun—kid quotes. Since I have five-year-old twins I have a never-ending supply 🙂

Today’s quote comes courtesy of my daughter, who walked into the bathroom and found me on my hands and knees, scrubbing the floor…

“Mommy, you look just like Cinderella!”

Also, tomorrow I’m hosting a special guest. She’s self-published several books and not only is she generously sharing her writing journey, she is taking questions from readers. So, tomorrow is your chance to find out all about self-publishing!


4 thoughts on “Kid Quote and Guest Host Info

  1. I so totally love that your daughter looked at you doing something like scrubbing a floor, and thought first and foremost, of a fairy tale princess!

  2. A. Grey,

    When she said it I sat back on my heels, wiped my forehead, and then smiled at her look of sheer joy. She was so excited that I was doing something Cinderella did 🙂


  3. “From the mouths of babes!” What is delightful is that your daughter’s mind set is on her mom being like a girl who becomes a Princess … Maybe she’ll be looking around the house to see if any mice or birds are making you a pretty dress to wear to the ball 🙂

    I love this new feature. Look forward to your guest tomorrow.

  4. Ramblings,

    This new feature is a direct result of our email conversation about should I put more kid quotes on here…viola!

    Ugh, hopefully no more mice (remember a few months ago when we had one wander in the house and everyone gave me such good advice?)

    Maybe squirrels since they loiter in our backyard and are the size of small cats (someone in our neighborhood feeds them peanuts so they get HUGE!)


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