Share Day: What’s Your Favorite Line?

I love being writer.

I love reading something I’ve wrote, then smiling with joy that the words came from me.

Here’s a recent favorite from my WIP. Jake, the gruff trail guide, is frustrated with Kate’s ignorance about trail life…

“Those shoes, much like you, are completely wrong for this trip. Both will fall apart in less than a week.”

What is your favorite line from your WIP?


8 thoughts on “Share Day: What’s Your Favorite Line?

  1. That’s a great line! I’m not sure on mine…. would have to go back and check. But I agree, there’s something so thrilling, satisfying about reading your own work and loving it.

  2. This is one from my dystopian YA that has stuck with me:

    “That was an impressive measure of bull cock and balls, as the saying goes, with a negligible sprinkling of commonsense and forethought.”

  3. I have to say, it would be my favorite reponse of Lizzie to the frustration of dealing with the ghost currently visiting through the portal of her tramp steamer trunk, her Aunt Annie May …

    “Aw, can’t you find another portal, like in the Port Authority? I can put your trunk in a locker, lose the key and you’ll be known as the Ghost of Arrivals and Departures.” 🙂

  4. PK,

    Thanks for the compliment. It’s so nice to hear someone else likes my line too 🙂

    That one is actually my second favorite line, but if I posted my favorite it would give away waaaay to much of the storyline. I have a Beta Reader out there (hello Margo!) that I want to gauge her reaction to a plot twist.

    Looking forward to your favorite line!


  5. A. Grey,

    That one sentence says so much and conveys a great sense of humor and voice! Plus, it’s “meaty” enough to stand several re-reads and be just as enjoyable.

    Love the contradictions, they put up a great image and make me wonder what the sentence refers to, thus making me want to read more 🙂


  6. Ramblings,

    “The Ghost of Arrivals and Departures” has such a funny ring to it. I really like these lines, both show humor with a small amount of desperation thrown in for good measure.

    I’m eager to read more!


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