Meet The Disgustingtons

A little busy here at the Corbett household. We  had another mouse invader.

You may remember our last escapade with a furry little creature. That time, it took a few days to figure out the little bugger’s entry point (under the kitchen sink along the water pipe hole), get and set traps, and then finally snap its furry neck.

I might add that during the above process, our dog couldn’t have cared less.

But, now we’ve got another member of our family. One that made this time around a bit different.

We’ve got a cat. Well, actually she’s a five month old kitten but I digress.

A cat who for an entire afternoon sat at attention, her nose pressed up against various kitchen cupboards, baseboards, and mainly at the spot where the dishwasher meets the kitchen sink.

I watched her for a few hours, then FINALLY had my “Ahhh hah!” moment. I recalled the last visitor’s entry point, then, with grumbling trepidation pushed the cat aside and opened the kitchen sink cupboard. To my great irritation, there lay a sprinkling of “treats”.

(BTW…Treats=stupid mouse poop)

My first thought? Our cat rocks!

My second thought? Ugh!

With a grimace, I calmly closed the cupboard, made popcorn for the kids (much to their surprise), and sat them in front of a Disney movie.

Once the twins were lost in their unexpected treat and fairytale land I got a trap, slathered it with peanut butter, quickly opened the cupboard, and set it inside. Then I proceeded to clear out the kitchen.

It should be noted that I decided not to mention our vermin problem to the kids, because I didn’t want them to announce it to everyone they met. (More on this in a minute)

However, they are smarter than I give them credit because after the movie they wandered into the kitchen, took one glance at all the kitchen stuff now piled on the counters and kitchen table, and asked, “Is the mouse back again?”

Yeah, they’re five. I should have guessed they would notice the utter chaos 🙂

Long story long…hubby and I set more traps and after a day of waiting, and a lot of meowing and scratching at the cupboards by the cat, the mouse is now RIP in our outside garbage can.

So, here’s where I need some advice.

We have neighbors.

We call them “The Disgustingtons”.

Why do we do this?

Because leaning up against our shared fenceline they have piles of garbage bags awaiting a trip to the dump, a decaying deer head, and a MATTRESS among other things. We know this because all their junk has pulled down parts of the fence, and unfortunately allowed us full viewing access.

(Side note here and further proof as to my desire to keep the mouse a secret…my kids call the deer head “The Dead Thing” and love to show it off to all who visit)


We are fairly certain that is the source of our little furry invaders, especially since I run a pretty tight ship when it comes to cleaning, and since their entry point into our house (through the vent directly under the kitchen sink) is less than ten feet from the fenceline.

We’ve sealed off everything and handled where the mouse chewed through the cupboard’s subfloor, but…

So, here’s where I ask for advice…

How do I nicely explain this situation to The Disgustingtons and their need to rectify it? Any specific words or phrases you recommend?


7 thoughts on “Meet The Disgustingtons

  1. Frankly, I wouldn’t try to explain it to them. People can get weird and defensive about stuff like this (even when they’re blatantly wrong) and you have to continue living beside them. Depending on where you live, what they’re doing could fall into a breach of Health Department regulations. I would call your local authorities and ask what can be done. It might be as simple as an official coming out and issuing them a warning which they’ll have a certain amount of time to respond to. If they fail to clean up their property line, then fines could be issued.

  2. Oh my goodness. Living in NYC you get occassional “visitors” … although I’d rather be kidnapped by aliens than deal with these vermin and prehistoric insects … our only line of solution was extermination and building up a line of defense.

    You need to do two things … since I agree with Grey … if people allow a garbage build up in their yard … who knows what you will unleash if you try to be civil.

    Get thee to the Home Depot and talk to the friendly guys in the aisle … prevention is putting steel wool where the vent (or entry point) lies …

    Hubby can discuss this disgusting situation with one of those grandpa types in the Home Depot … they’ll have a consultation with several other grandpa types and each of them will educate him on how to build a line of defence around the perimeter of your house …

    Therefore, Mickey’s relatives will play outside or go into the house of your neighbor.

    Good luck 🙂

  3. Here were I live Christi, we can call City Hall and lodge a complaint. Our identity is never revealed to whom we are complaining about. The offending property is visited by someone from the City and the property is given written notice to rectify the situation or pay a large fine. Garbage is not tolerated in residential areas so as soon as a complaint is received they are on the move. I would check to see what your rules and regulations are for your area. Hopefully, they will be similar to ours!!!! BTW, we have a mouse, too. I just bought them a gormet meal of inflatable canary pellets. Apparently many people are having problems since the hurricane in September.

    Keep us updated about what happens with the smelly mattress and animal head!!!! Good lord! That’s just too gross!

  4. Nasty little blighters… they can get through tiny cold air grates and cracks that are smaller than you’d think was possible. Sounds like your kitten is going to be a good mouser, but in the meantime, I’m with the others who have commented. Check out your city ordinances and also find out how to mouse proof your place. Steel wool works well. Good luck!!

  5. A sincere thanks to all who commented and gave advice.

    I listened to you all, and this morning gave the City Hall a call. They transferred me over to the Code Enforcement Division. The woman over there was sympathetic to my plight, disgusted by everything but horrified by “The Dead Thing”, and promises to send someone out today to meet with me and take pictures of the mess.

    Oh, and as a added bonus to this mess…we caught ANOTHER MOUSE last night.

    Thanks again to all for your support, your awesome stories, and your advice!


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