Writing Quote Friday–Wednesday Edition

As you can see by Monday’s post, things are a little busy for me right now. As a result, the next few days are going to feature all the great writing quotes everyone so generously sent.

Today’s quote is from by Douglas Adams, author of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

“If I’d wanted to write a message I’d have written a message. I wrote a book.”

Today’s quote was sent to me by M Howalt, a frequent vistor and commentor at this blog. (Sorry M, but I don’t know your real name 🙂 )

Be sure to check out M Howalt’s blog, Howalt: A Writer’s Blog. Lots of great stuff!

5 thoughts on “Writing Quote Friday–Wednesday Edition

  1. I love it. A great smack down to those who honestly believe that everything from novels to postage stamps are supposed to “say” something other than what the F$%% they are. Thanks for the heads up on a new blog for me 🙂

  2. Ramblings,

    I loved this quote too. I think sometimes I get bogged down in what I’m trying to portray, or the message I’m sending, when in reality I should just get writing and not worry about everything so much.

    Love your comment!


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